Raising Hotel Cleaning Standards With i-mop


"It used to take an hour to mop the entry area. Now, it takes 15 minutes."

- Arith, Hotel Manager

When one of the senior management team of the Great Southern Hotel Group saw the i-mop transform the cleaning and hygiene standards of another Sydney hotel, he had to see what it could do for theirs. He contacted the manager of the Great Southern Hotel (GSH) in Northbridge, Perth, and asked him to take a closer look at the revolutionary i-mop floor cleaning machine in action.


At the time, three years ago, the GSH used traditional string mops with regular mop buckets to clean their hard surface floor areas. This process had been in place for years without any significant issues, but they didn’t realise just how much dirt and chemical residue conventional mopping systems left behind.


After having one of our i-team partners demonstrate the i-mop and seeing how quickly and effectively it cleaned their floors, the GSH snapped it up. Three years later, we paid a visit to the 125-room hotel to see how their cleaning transformation was going.


Arith, the hotel manager, walked us through how the i-mop was being used in the hotel:

  • To clean various floor surfaces like marble tiles, terracotta and ceramic tiles.
  • To provide a deeper scrub in the kitchen and back-of-house areas.
  • To clean the hotel’s entry area every day.

The results

  • Floor cleaning time has been reduced from 60 minutes to around 15 minutes
  • Floors look a lot lighter and brighter after ongoing use of the i-mop, as a lot of the deeper layers of dirt have been removed.
  • The risk of hotel guests slipping and falling has been reduced by around 90% – high gloss marble tiles become very slippery when wet and can stay that way for up to 10 minutes with conventional mopping. With the i-mop, floors are completely dry within 30 seconds of cleaning.

alternate lobby

Arith couldn’t be happier with the i-mop, and neither could his staff. “It has turned out to be a great asset to the hotel,” he said.

Not only has the i-mop helped reduce cleaning time and significantly improved the appearance of the floors, the hotel now enjoys reduced risk of slip and fall injury to guests. That’s a win-win-win, as far as we’re concerned.

See what Arith has to say about the i-mop here: