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Led by Innovation

Our revolutionary product range helps to transform cleaning times and results, guided by our core values:


    To revolutionise the industry, we speak to users, tailoring our products to meet specific demands


    Designed with innovation as the primary goal, our class-leading products offer a true four-dimensional clean.


    Our job isn’t done until we see how products are transforming businesses and inspiring clients first-hand

These values are underpinned by our belief that all products should be faster, cleaner, greener, better, and safer than traditional cleaning equipment.

Why the Configurator?

Customise our products to get the exact look you're after - it's easy.

With the i-team configurator, it’s possible to customise your machines to instantly create consistency with your brand. Adding a colour scheme unique to your organisation helps inspire key stakeholders, while the addition of your logo can help to further advertise your brand.

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