When And How To Replace i-mop Squeegee Rubbers

There are a few things that indicate that squeegee rubbers need to be replaced, such as waviness, a torn rubber, and the rubber losing its square edge.

Both the front (leading edge closest to the brushes) and the rear (closest to the rear of the i-mop) squeegee rubbers are important; however, having the rear rubber in good condition is the most critical.

There are a range of things you can check to improve the suction of your i-mop floor scrubber, one of which is checking and possibly replacing or rotating the squeegee rubbers. There are three key points to look for to determine when and how to replace your i-mop rubbers.

1. Are the rubbers wavy?

If your floor scrubber squeegee rubbers have gone wavy like the ones in the picture below they will need to be replaced. Note: This is also a good indicator that you should change to the oil resistant Primothane squeegee rubbers, as these will give much better life in oily environments which cause your rubbers to go wavy like this. The standard i-mop squeegee rubbers are the Red Linatex rubbers, which are not well suited to oily environments.

View our i-mop xl Accessories Guide for the product codes for the replacement squeegee rubbers.

i-mop floor scrubber squeegee rubbers that require replacement

2. Is the squeegee rubber torn?

Hey, it's not all bad. If you have torn your i-mop squeegee rubber, you may not need to replace it. The i-mop squeegee rubbers are designed to be able to be flipped and rotated, giving you a fresh side and fresh leading edge. The red Linatex rubbers can be flipped/rotated up to 4 times, and the blue Primothane squeegee rubbers can be flipped/rotated 4 times for the rear rubber, and once for the front rubber. Bearing in mind, of course, that a tear may render both the front and back sides useless.

Replacing an i-mop floor scrubber squeegee rubber

3. Has the rubber lost its square edge?

Check to see if the squeegee rubber has lost the square edge. Having a nice sharp square leading edge to your floor scrubber squeegee rubber it important to give you the best possible suction. The below image shows a cutaway of the various stages of squeegee wear.

How to tell when your floor scrubber needs new squeegee rubbers

The good news is that replacing your floor scrubber squeegee rubbers is not particularly hard and you can do it yourself!

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View our full video where we run through the above points and show you how to replace the squeegee rubbers on the i-mop.