Introducing the i-mop pro

We are excited to announce the launch of the newest addition to the autoscrubber i-mop lineup: the i-mop xl Pro.

Since the launch of the original i-mop xl in the Australian and New Zealand markets in 2015, the i-mop has established itself as a high-performance commercial floor cleaning machine, with thousands in operation from Adelaide to Auckland, Cairns to Christchurch, Darwin to Dunedin, Launceston to Levin, Melbourne to Marlborough, Wagga to Wellington…the list goes on.

Over this time, our industrial mop, the i-mop xl, has had multiple upgrades and product improvements based on operator and technician feedback that have been designed to make the i-mop the most effective and easiest floor scrubber to use. Now, with the introduction of the i-mop xl Pro as the top of the range i-mop xl, we see a variety of new features on offer for specific applications.

The i-mop xl that users have come to know and love is now referred to as the i-mop xl Basic. Check out the key differences between the i-mop xl Basic, Plus, and Pro versions.

i-mop pro

Other features of the i-mop Pro

Electronic cutoff

Some i-mop operators have a tendency to use the i-mop below a 32 degree angle, which allows water to enter the motor and cause damage. The new electronic switch on the i-mop Pro will automatically shut down the machine when this angle is reached while cleaning floors, protecting the machine and training operators on how to handle the industrial floor mop correctly.

Hour meter

The i-mop Pro has an inbuilt hour meter, helping to gauge usage of the machine. This can be useful for maintenance reasons, ensuring your machine is being maintained at regular intervals, as well as for rental purposes where a machine may be charged out on an hourly basis.

Heavy duty deck

The i-mop Pro has a heavy duty coating applied to the scrub deck to protect it against salt and chloride. The Pro is ideal for cleaning swimming pools and beachside areas, with the deck coating protecting the unit from the harsh elements to ensure a long product lifecycle.