i-spraywash HACCP Certified

Gaining another significant vote of confidence, i-team ANZ is thrilled to announce that the i-spraywash foam cleaning gun is now HACCP certified for use in all food facilities operating in accordance with the program.

HACCP Australia is a highly regarded and widely recognised food science organisation comprising of industry-experienced food scientists. The organisation specialises in theHACCP food safety methodology and its applications within the food and related non-food industries. This certification level allows the i-spraywash gun to extend its applications to cleaning food production plants, cooking facilities, and kitchens.

Steve Bagshaw, i-team ANZ Regional Ambassador, says, “We are excited to announce HACCP certification for i-spraywash foam cleaning system to support its introduction to the ANZ market. The HACCP program confirms the suitability of i-spraywash for cleaning in the food industry, building on its most popular application, which is washroom cleaning. i-spraywash gained rapid market acceptance in Europe due to the efficiency and effectiveness of the system, and we anticipate the same for ANZ.

About i-spraywash

The i-spraywash is a next-level foam cleaning system that dramatically reduces kitchen washroom cleaning time while offering several significant benefits. Remarkably ergonomic, this game-changing device is also safer, lighter and boasts a massive 80 per cent lower environmental impact than its competitors.

Active Foam

The i-spraywash differs from many others by releasing highly consistent Active Foam bubbles. These bubbles are lighter, enabling them to adhere to vertical surfaces and therefore clean for longer, providing optimal results compared to heavy bubbles, which rapidly fall to the ground.

Ergonomic design

The i-spraywash is an ergonomically friendly dream, being two to three times lighter than conventional foam guns. This significant difference saves strain on the backs, arms, shoulders and wrists of its operators. Further, the concentrated tablets eliminate manual chemical pollution along with any associated handling risk. All tablets are colour-coded for convenience, simplifying training and compliance.

The fastest clean

The i-spraywash cleans one m2 per second, saving 40 per cent of labour. There’s no need to waste time pre-mixing; simply place a colour-coded tablet into the gun, connect to water and go. You can easily adjust the dosage on-the-fly with the integrated dosage control, and with less foam falling to the floor, you’ll save considerable time rinsing.

And a greener clean...

i-spraywash uses 50 per cent less water and saves up to 25 percent of chemicals than traditional foaming guns. i-spraywash tablets are concentrated, minimising transport and packaging costs – a significant environmental and financial issue in the liquid chemicals industry.

Simply a better cleaning experience

Put simply, the overwhelming benefits of the i-spraywash offers a simply better cleaning experience. When cleaning and disinfecting large industrial areas, it’s never been as easy as it is with the HACCP certified i-spraywash.