New Deep Scrub Bracket for i-mop Launched!

i-team is pleased to announce the launch of a new optional accessory for the i-mop XL & XXL, the Deep Scrub Bracket. By retrofitting this accessory to the popular i-mop XL/XXL floor scrubber, users can transform their hard floor cleaning machines into a deep cleaning powerhouse.

The i-mop family of floor cleaning machines has developed a reputation for being one of the fastest and most effective ways to maintain hard floors. Cleaning up to 70% faster than traditional mopping devices and up to 30% faster than conventional autoscrubbers, the i-mop has received much applause for its versatility and powerful cleaning performance. What’s more, the i-mop is ergonomically and environmentally friendly, fast-drying and has an impressive dirt removal rating of over 97%. With the addition of the Deep Scrub Bracket, the benefits of and applications for this machine continue to mount.

Autoscrubbers like the i-mop are primarily designed to be maintenance cleaning machines (i.e. for regular cleaning) as opposed to deep cleaning machines (for periodical deep cleaning). The i-mop is different from a traditional autoscrubber, however, in that it boasts exceptional manoeuvrability. This is a more common (and necessary) feature with deep cleaning machines as often the cleaning power needs to be concentrated in tight areas or repeatedly moved back and forward over the same spot.

What is the i-mop Deep Scrub Bracket?

The i-mop Deep Scrub Bracket is designed to raise the suction squeegee of the i-mop off the floor. This allows cleaners to use the i-mop with the vacuum motor off, with no contact between the squeegee and the floor.


Applications for the i-mop with the Deep Scrub Bracket include:

  • Buffing floors to increase gloss
  • Deep scrubbing floors to remove built-up soil and staining
  • Stripping sealer off floors

Steve Bagshaw, i-team ANZ CEO, says, “The new Deep Scrub Bracket is in some ways a relatively a minor development. However, it demonstrates the constant drive for innovation that i-team bring to the cleaning industry. This new component allows i-mop users to utilise their floor cleaning equipment in new ways that add value to their businesses”.

The Deep Scrub Bracket is available for the i-mop XL and XXL models. Each i-mop model requires a different sized bracket as each i-mop is a slightly different size. All i-mop XL & XXL models are suitable to be retrofitted with the Deep Scrub Bracket.

Check out the video for more details on this innovative new product below!