What are the different squeegee rubber types and where are they best suited?

When it comes to squeegee rubbers for scrubber dryers, there are traditionally three different types of rubber available. It's a good idea to have an understanding of the unique characteristics of each squeegee rubber type to ensure optimal results in all applications;

Gum rubber:The most common and least expensive rubber type.

Urethane/Polyurethane rubber:Offers better resistance for oily and rough surfaces.

Linatex rubber:The best all round performing and long-lasting squeegee blade with great flexibility and water pickup.

But standby, there is a newly formulated rubber called Primothane which takes the best from both worlds (Polyurethane and Linatex). It has excellent chemical and wear resistance yet retaining great reflexibility for uneven surfaces. Besides rubber types, there's a new patent pending water channel type 'Airoflex' that offers enhanced water pickup. (see section at the end of this article)

Gum rubber squeegee blades

Gum rubber squeegee blades are a man-made synthetic rubber that is typically beige or tan. Gum Rubber squeegees offer maximum water collection on indoor floors that are smooth and even. Gum Rubber is not recommended for use in oily environments as it absorbs oil, which changes its structural integrity (blade goes wavy) and dramatically reduces its effectiveness. Gum Rubber squeegees will wear faster than any of the other types of squeegee blades but are usually the least expensive.

  • Smooth;even floors with light traffic
  • Inexpensive;combination of natural material and fillers, usable on smooth, even indoor floors

Linatex squeegee blades

Linatex squeegee blades are the all-around best-performing and longest-lasting squeegee blade. They work well with chemicals and won't swell like gum rubber. They have excellent flexibility for better durability and pickup. These blades would be the best choice in applications where the floor is not smooth.

  • Multi-purpose; provides consistent performance, excellent floor conformance and superior results on a broad range of conditions
  • High performing; long lasting material, delivering superior performance in wet abrasion applications.

Urethane/polyurethane squeegee blades

Urethane/polyurethane squeegees blades are the best option for oily or rough surfaces. These squeegee blades are ideal for workshops, commercial kitchens - anywhere where there's a high oil content, and very rough non-slip surfaces. Urethane squeegee blades are easy to identify by their typically opaque colour and are often the more expensive. Often blue or white in colour.

  • Oil and chemical resistant; maintain structural integrity in oily environments.
  • Rough floor resistant;long wear life on rough and uneven surfaces.

Primothane squeegee blades

Primothane squeegee rubbers are the newest premium urethane squeegee material that delivers outstanding performance in flexibility, tear and abrasion resistance. When it comes to oils, chemicals and cold environments, Primothane keeps it's shape where most rubber will warp and is the most expensive of rubbers.

  • Oil, chemical, cold environment resistant; maintain structural integrity in oily environments.
  • Flexible; excellent floor conformance and superior results on a broad range of conditions.

Airoflex Squeegee Rubber – the new kid on the block!

Airoflex is a new patent pending design change to the water channels on the front squeegee blade to increase suction and water pickup. Traditional squeegee blades use a U-Channel design which on uneven floors lose suction and as a result leave more water on the floor.

U-Channel Airoflex
• Fails to adjust to surface changes • Adjusts to surface changes
• Loses contact with the floor • Maintains contact with the floor
• Decreases vacuum performance • Maintains optimal vacuum performance
• Increases water left on the floor • Decreases water left on the floor by up to 50%