Gum removal made simple

Meet the i-gum

A comfortable self-contained backpack that is worn by the user allowing freedom of movement and easy usability. The unit is attached to an ergonomic lance designed specifically to ensure fast, reliable and easy operation with maximum chewing gum removal. At the point of contact, our specially designed brush emits a pH neutral and safe enzyme steam mixture to dissolving the chewing gum, which can then be brushed away. Beside the comfortable harness you also have the option to wheel it! Talk about easy cleaning!

6 seconds is it all takes

The i-gum machine takers only 6 seconds to eliminate any unwanted sticky materials. With a patented way of spreading the natural pH & biodegradable chemical steam, 6 seconds is all you need to clean your designated area. Increase your efficiency and start cutting down on waiting hours.

No water or power supply

No external generators or electrical leads necessary to operate the machine. Just simply attach the backpack, spray your infected or dirty area, and watch the i-gum perform its magic

No matter which surface

Hardwood, soft floors, doors, cabinets, plywood, concrete or steel. The i-gum doesn’t care where something has stuck, it will get the job done, no matter what surface is involved.

No noise

After some research it was known that a lot of similar machines made a lot of noise. The i-gum was designed with end-users in mind, and only creates a noise when releasing the steam.

No residue

When you aim the brush towards the area you want to clean, our specially designed brush emits a PH Neutral and Safe chemical steam mixture to evaporate the chewing gum, which can then be brushed away. Easy as 1,2,3!