i-land xxl

The ultimate cleaning island!

i-land xxl
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Ergonomic cleaners trolley

Easy access drawer system

The heavy duty integrated drawers on the i-land give you easy slide out access to all your cleaning supplies, without affecting the stability of the trolley. Each drawer is secured with a key lock to keep your equipment safe.

Designed for high productivity

Onboard charging

The i-mop can run 24/7 with two sets of batteries. Use one set on your i-Mop while the other set is charging on your i-land. You can even plug in your mobile device, so that you are never out of power when on the job.

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The ultimate industrial cleaning trolley

Equipment slots for your convenience

18 equipment slots are available on the i-land XXL cleaning trolley to allow you to store everything on your mobile cleaning island. Charge our i-mop's batteries, set down your drink, or power your i-light.

Technical Specifications

Size185 x 68 x 110cm Top: 60 x 60 x 36cm Bottom Left: 60 x 39 x 31cm
Storage CapacityBottom Right: 60 x 13 x 22cm Top Shelf: 2 x 22.7 Litres
Bucket Capacity2 x 13.25 Litres
Cable Length10 metres
Castor Size5"
Equipment Slots18
Warranty 1 year

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