Light up the dark


The range of i-light battery-powered LED work lights from i-team are durable and reliable units that are made for years of commercial use.

With fully adjustable head and tripod or trolley mount options, as well as the durability of a construction grade light, the i-light is a robust addition to any cleaning and facility maintenance operator’s toolkit.

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Better mobile lighting in industrial areas

Complete cleaning mobility solutions

Especially popular used in conjunction with the i-land cleaning trolley, i-light gives you light where you need it. The i-light or i-light xl battery powered lights can be mounted on any of the range of i-land janitorial trollies: i-land S, L, XL or XXL. Adding a i-light to your i-land setup can enable facilities to offset cleaning costs with lower electrical usage by reducing building lighting and using the i-light to light up areas requiring cleaning.

Maximise ROI in cleaning

Multi-purpose battery solutions

The i-light runs off the i-team family of i-power batteries, allowing you to use existing batteries from your other i-team products such as the i-mop, i-gum, i-move, i-vac and more to power your i-light. Use i-power 7 for i-light, and i-power 9 or 14 for i-light XL.

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