Revolutionary foaming cleaning system

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Fastest foam cleaning system!

Reduces washroom and kitchen cleaning time

Cleaning 1 m2 per second, the i-spraywash system saves 48% of labour, proven in tests versus conventional foaming guns. No time spent pre-mixing, place an i-spraywash tablet into the gun, connect to water and begin cleaning. Adjust dosage on the fly with the integrated dosage control. And with less foam running down to the floor, save time when rinsing.


Smarter foam technology

Active foam for improved results

The special foam nozzle on i-spraywash dispenses a highly consistent Active Foam. Active Foam bubbles are lighter, clinging longer on vertical surfaces compared to heavy conventional foam bubbles which run quickly to the ground. This means i-spraywash solution is always working on soiling on vertical surfaces for the full dwell time, improving cleaning outcomes.


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Less process risk

Better design for safer cleaning

The i-spraywash gun is 2-3 times lighter than conventional foaming guns, saving strain on operators back, shoulders, arms and wrist. The concentrated tablets eliminate manual chemical dilution and associated handling risk. Colour coded tablets and tablet holders simplify training and compliance.


Lower Environmental Impact

Clean with less water and chemicals

i-spraywash saves up to 25% of chemicals and 50% of water compared to traditional foaming gun systems. I-spraywash tablets are concentrated, eliminating the additional transport and packaging costs of transporting water which is a large % of liquid chemicals. All i-spraywash tablets are biodegradeable.


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Better for everyone

Improving the experience when cleaning

It has never been as easy to clean effectively and disinfect large areas as it is with i-spraywash. No more heavy lifting of transporting of liquid chemicals in concentrate or liquid form. I-spraywash automatically dilutes and dispenses cleaning solution, all you have to do is select the right tablet for your area. The powerful i-spraywash disinfectants ensure the building environment is completely hygienic.


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