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i-team is focused on changing the way we think about cleaning. With i-team on your side, the traditionally menial task of commercial cleaning can be fun and inspiring. Our developments in high-end commercial and industrial cleaning technologies ranging from floor scrubber dryers, vacuums, lighting solutions, microfibre and air cleaning will simplify and improve the effectiveness of cleaning processes. At i-team, we strive to ensure we do everything according to our core values.

Inquire. Innovate. Inspire.

These simple but powerful values guide us in how we design our commercial cleaning products and interact with clients. Ongoing customer feedback fuels our product development. Inquire. Innovate. Inspire.


Our genuine desire to improve the commercial cleaning industry and change the entire cleaning process means that we don't just improve our models gradually. Instead, we sometimes prefer to start thinking in a completely different way. We try and challenge well-established norms to deliver revolutionary value for our users. All i-products should be faster, cleaner, safer, greener and better. We collect feedback from commercial cleaners, users of i-team and other brands all over the world, and incorporate this in our development cycle.


The i-mop is a proud supporter of the Made Blue Program, investing in different projects in developing countries as a result of the water saving feature that the i-mop has.


Litres of water we have contributed to date

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One of the stalwarts of the commercial cleaning industry is the floor scrubber dryer. However, since the 1960s, there has been little change to the design. We began by studying the way commercial and industrial buildings were cleaned and developing a deep understanding of the existing processes, common frustrations, and opportunities to improve efficiency.

This led to a set of very powerful insights into the cleaning industry. Leveraging what had been learned, i-team created a game-changer in cleaning: the i-mop, our industrial floor cleaning machine. While being relatively compact, this powerful cleaning machine solves multiple problems. Combining the flexibility and agility of a mop with the scrubbing power and productivity of much larger autoscrubbers, the i-mop is a great example of the way i-team innovation helps commercial cleaners enjoy their work and improves cleaning outcomes.



We love inspiring people to change the way they think about cleaning. i-team ANZ is part of a global family of distribution partners of the i-team global brand. Operating in over 60 countries, i-team leverage globally-shared expertise of many years in the cleaning industry to bring cutting-edge innovation to commercial cleaning. Our global headquarters in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, is designed to be a global centre for excellence and inspiration. Operating in co-operation with key partners across Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea, i-team ANZ can deliver you expert advice and world-class cleaning innovation, whatever your industry sector. We would love to hear from you!


Our 5 Fundamentals

Yesterdays approaches to cleaning just don't cut it anymore.











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