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Fast foam cleaning system

The i-spraywash system is a plug & play foam gun with an integrated tablet-dosing feature.

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Cleans At 1m² Per Second

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0.8kg With Foam Sprayer

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2-4.5bar Spray Pressure


Innovative microfibre system

Save water, chemicals and time with a commercial microfibre system that’s kinder on the planet and your cleaning budget.

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Trio-Split Technology

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HACCP Colour-Coded

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Quick-Release Mop Head


Gum and graffiti remover

Remove gum on carpet, pavers, concrete, tiles and metal — 6 seconds is all it takes.

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9.4kg (without batteries)

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2.5L Tank Capacity

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100min Runtime (i-power 14)

i-cover 1.0

Portable disinfectant spray gun

Our cold mist generator offers powerful disinfecting technology in a convenient, hand-held ergonomic package for rapid, superior results.

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7.5kg Total Weight

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1L Tank (spare tank included)

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26hour Runtime (i-power 20)

i-scrub 26H

Microfibre surface cleaning tool

The handheld microfibre tool designed for serious commercial use, giving extended pad life and lowering TCO.

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Trio-Split Fibre Technology

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Integrated UV Light

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Colour-Coded Microfibre

i-fogger 3.5

High-volume backpack fogging machine

The i-fogger 3.5 is a battery powered aerosol mist fogger designed for fast infectious disease control, ideal for aeroplanes, public transport, and other enclosed spaces.

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7.9kg (without battery)

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3.5L Tank Capacity

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Up To 50min Runtime


High-reach window cleaning support

Avoid repetitive strain injuries with a window washing system that reduces physical exertion by as much as 50%.

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3.9kg Harness Weight

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Any Type Of Telescopic Handle

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2x Balancers (light & heavy)

One for all with i-power batteries and i-charge

One set of batteries and one charger are enough for a complete floor cleaning system. Our i-power batteries power the i-mop, i-vac 5B, i-vac 9b, i-gum B and the i-light XL. Lightweight but powerful, our li-ion batteries have impressive run times.

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