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Retail Cleaning

Cleanliness for a customer-first experience.

From the signage to shelves and floors, the cleanliness of your shop forms a crucial part of customers’ first impressions.

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i-scrub power scrubber from i-team

Customers notice all the things that staff overlook.

​​You know full well that the world of retail is fiercely competitive. With e-commerce and online delivery services competing on price and convenience, EVERY retail experience must be extraordinary in order to justify renting the floor space. As a retailer, you must seize every possible opportunity to create a better customer experience that will drive repeat customers.

A sparkling clean shop will ensure the shoppers' attention goes straight to your products, helping build a positive experience. However, if your store appears unclean, that can only distract from the products on display.

Wet floors can’t wait and yellow signs don’t always work. Regular floor cleanliness especially needs to be factored into the cost of doing busines to prevent litigation from customers who’ve suffered an injust from slipping in your retail space.

5 Common Challenges Within Retail

Most small and large retailers are looking for solutions to the following problems:

Reducing risks of slip fall injuries
Ability to clean at any time, not just EOD
Faster end-of-day procedures
Improved customer experience & reviews
Lower costs with less need for contractors

Get the edge on Retail Cleaning

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i-mop XL

The fast, flexible floor scrubber dryer

The i-mop XL solves the problems of traditional floor cleaning systems by combining the flexibility of a mop with the power and speed of industrial scrubber dryers.

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Up to 140-min Battery Runtime

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350 RPM Brush Speed

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46cm Scrub Width, 22.5kg Brush Pressure

How i-team helps retailers keep clean

Keep your shop clean even when customers are in store.

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Shiny floors with the i-mop floor scrubber dryer

Glossy floors look great when clean, but will tend to show dirt and mop mark after mopping. The i-mop, as the best commercial floor cleaning machine globally, allows you to scrub your floors in highly-obstructed retail shops that, before now, could only be hand mopped.

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Clean up spills and soiling during shopping hours

The risks of rain dripping at entryways and dropped produce are lawsuits waiting to happen. A quick spill or dirt clean-up is no problem during operating hours with the i-mop, our floor scrubber dryer that’s ready to go in a minute and has floors clean and dry in seconds.

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Get dust under control

The i-fibre wallwash microfibre frame is flexible which makes it perfect for cleaning walls, corners and tough to access places. Use in combination with one of our i-team vacuums to allow you to make every corner of your store or showroom clean and dust-free.
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Powerful cleaning for shopping centres and malls

With the i-mop lite, i-mop XXL up to the ride-on i-drive, any size retailer or centre can stay perfectly clean. Keep anchor tenants happy and attract high quality retailers with high quality facility management tools from i-team.

The revolutionary solution for Retail Cleaning

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The smarter ride-on floor scrubber

The i-drive ride-on scrubber and i-mop floor scrubber-dryer combo enables cleaning of small, medium and large floor areas.

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610mm Working Width

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175 RPM Brush Speed

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62-litre Solution Tank

Retail Cleaning Equipment

Product Packages for Retail Cleaning

Keep your retail spaces looking their best with the full suite of i-team cleaning tools for shopping centres and supermarkets.

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See how i-team helps retailers shine.

Fight the food court filth. Cleaning large retail spaces has never been this easy.

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Featured Case Study

Lanham Motor Group Finds Cleaning Efficiency With The i-mop

i-scrub 30E

According to Stuart Lanham from Lanham Motor Group vehicle dealership, anyone looking at an i-mop for cleaning their floors should “Just do it!” We caught up with Stuart for some grassroots feedback from the field.

Lanham motor group

What our customers say

Why do professionals choose the i-mop?

In short, we simplify and improve cleaning effectiveness. The i-mop revolutionizes the cleaning processes in the following five ways:


Clean up to 90% faster than traditional methods and reduce labour costs.


Objectively improved dirt removal, including in hard to reach areas.


Automatic systems make every ounce of chemical and water count.


Reduce cleaning agent exposure and OH&S incidents including slips.


Our continual innovation improves client, customer and cleaner satisfaction.

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