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Hospitality Cleaning for Happy Staff & Guests

Keep your team happy with cleaning equipment that makes it easier to do their job well — and fast!

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Hospitality and hotel cleaning can be 10x faster with i-team tools.

Ensuring visitors hygiene expectations are met is the number one priority of Housekeeping Managers. However, we know the great challenge is the ever-ticking clock during the guest checkout window. Cleaning teams need precise processes, effective equipment and the ability to move from room to room unencumbered. Every delay adds up — and when teams get behind, corners get cut.

Our team have considered the systems and broad range of aspects that must be accounted for in hospitality cleaning: commercial bathroom cleaning, soft and hard floor cleaning, surface cleaning and linen services. i-team products are designed for effectiveness, efficiency and ease of task-switching to ensure the best results at the lowest possible cost.

Now your cleaning team can create inviting hospitality spaces with the best quality cordless floor cleaning equipment, microfibre cloths, and disinfectant tools from i-team.

5 Common Challenges Within Hospitality Cleaning

High quality hotel cleaning is critical to guest satisfaction, but there are challenges:

Need to frequently change power outlets and refill solutions
Guest expectations and fast turnarounds for early check-ins
Variety of surfaces to be cleaned in each suite or area
Preventing cross-contamination between areas
Stringent cleaning and documentation requirements

Clean any hard floor surface with i-mop

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3x Model Sizes

Flexible, effective and fast!

Clean up to 70% faster than traditional mops and 30% faster than auto scrubbers. Easy to use and transport, the i-mop has an dirt removal rating of over 97%. *Specs based on the i-mop XL model.

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Up to 140-min Battery Runtime

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350 RPM Brush Speed

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46cm Scrub Width, 22.5kg Brush Pressure

Cleaning equipment for hospitality

Get the complete picture with the complete cleaning system.

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Measure, manage and track cleaning processes

Commercial cleaning processes have changed, and you need to keep track. With i-know kit, Housekeeping Managers can digitally monitor surface cleanliness and floor slip levels — known as ATP testing.

For those with large teams and multiple machines, i-link® helps you manage your fleet and compliance, keeping track of location and usage history.

Plus technologies like the i-scrub 26h, with its in-built UV black light, let cleaners see any soiling that’s been missed.

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Move with style and ease with i-land XL Pro

Combining advanced cleaning solutions and reduce travel time across large buildings with the i-land XL Pro, which accommodates your mechanical cleaning equipment & hand tools on the same cart.

Travel with your i-fiber equipment, i-mops, i-light & i-charger and even your electronic tablet to every location within the premises. Everything you need to clean corridors, elevators, kitchens, meeting rooms & more.

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Liberation from the cord

The obstructions in the hotel environment means that traditional corded machines limit the movement and productivity of housekeeping staff. Time plugging, unplugging and recoiling cables adds up over the dozens or hundreds of rooms.

The i-team range of cordless cleaning equipment empowers operators to achieve the best cleaning results faster.

Cleaning soft and hard surfaces with cordless vacuum cleaners and cordless scrubbers also reduces frustration and the time needed to clean.

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Beat your chemical dependence and save

For lighter cleaning methods, our i-fibre products use an integrated trio-split fibre technology to help reduce chemical usage by up to 60%.

Versatile i-fibre attachments allow you to efficiently clean curved and vertical surfaces such as walls, cornices, window frames and ceiling fans.

Small yet mighty battery vacuum

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vac 5B

Compact battery office vacuum

Battery-powered vacuum cleaning in a small package. The vac 5B is highly portable with a quality build that’s still light enough to transport almost anywhere.

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5.2kg Weight

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180cm Hose

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50min Runtime (i-power 14)

Hospitality Cleaning Equipment

Featured Case Study

LUXXE Outsourced Hotel Services Saves Time With The i-mop

i-scrub 30E

We caught up with Hannah Crowley-McClelland, Chief Operating Officer at Luxxe Housekeeping, to review how the i-mop has gone at the Rydges Hotel in Canberra.


What our customers say

Why do professionals choose the i-mop?

In short, we simplify and improve cleaning effectiveness. The i-mop revolutionizes the cleaning processes in the following five ways:


Clean up to 90% faster than traditional methods and reduce labour costs.


Objectively improved dirt removal, including in hard to reach areas.


Automatic systems make every ounce of chemical and water count.


Reduce cleaning agent exposure and OH&S incidents including slips.


Our continual innovation improves client, customer and cleaner satisfaction.

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