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Cleaning Aged Care Facilities

When it comes to cleaning aged care facilities, the stakes are too high to offer anything less than exceptionally clean environments that help to maintain the health and well being of your residents.

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Products designed for effective cleaning.

When it comes to cleaning aged care facilities, it’s important to realise just how high the stakes are.

To make things worse, there are a number of challenges specific to the aged care sector that can put pressure on cleaning outcomes, timeframes and resources. Thankfully, we’ve used these challenges to help guide the research and development of our products, resulting in some truly revolutionary offerings for the aged care sector.

5 Common Challenges Within Aged Care

We've found that most aged care facilities are looking for solutions to the following problems:

Cleaning of textured, non-slip floors
Lack of time and budget for effective cleaning
Strenuous manual handling of bulky equipment
Risk of trip hazards from electric equipment
Managing infection control and improving indoor air quality

Clean any hard floor surface with i-mop

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i-mop XL

The fast, flexible floor scrubber dryer

The i-mop XL solves the problems of traditional floor cleaning systems by combining the flexibility of a mop with the power and speed of industrial scrubber dryers.

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Up to 140-min Battery Runtime

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350 RPM Brush Speed

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46cm Scrub Width, 22.5kg Brush Pressure

How i-team services the Aged Care Industry

Clean, healthy environments for happy residents.

Almost double the cleaning power of conventional scrubbers

With a 46 cm scrub deck, the i-mop XL is perfect for small to medium spaces such as aged care settings, smaller office areas and around the fixtures of bathrooms. You have over 350 RPM and 22.5 kg of brush pressure in your hands to clean efficiently and thoroughly.

Up to 50% faster than other microfibre systems

Clean surfaces with absolute confidence that the dirt is gone with the i-scrub 26H. With its integrated UV light, you can optimise commercial cleaning routines by quickly detecting anywhere cleaning processes leave bacteria on surfaces.

The quality microfibre cleaning systems allow you to significantly lessen the chemicals required for cleaning. When i-fibre is used with the pre-treatment system, chemical and water usage can be reduced by as much as 60%.

Improve indoor air quality (IAQ) to improve whole-of-building health.

Time spent inside exposes us to airborne contaminants that threaten our health, such as:

Microbiological contaminants — a group of microbiological contaminants made up of viruses, moulds, spores, bacteria, animal saliva and dander.

VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) — gaseous contaminants emanating from a solid and/or liquid form. Sources of VOCs include cleaning solutions, pesticides, insecticides, building materials, cosmetics, paints and more.
Particulate Matter (PM) — generally known as PM 2.5 or PM10, a mixture of solid and liquid particles suspended in the air. Most hazardous are particles smaller than 10 microns, which are captured by HEPA H14 filters. PM sources include manufacturing, construction and vehicle exhausts.

Clean all floor types with i-scrub 30EM Pro

The orbital movement removes any side forces, making it comfortable for anyone to operate. Save your time, money and labour by using the commercial cleaning machine that cleans all floor types - including carpets and rugs with encapsulation cleaning.

Even cleaning pressure in your hands

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i-scrub 26H

Microfibre surface cleaning tool

The handheld microfibre tool designed for serious commercial use, giving extended pad life and lowering TCO.

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Trio-Split Fibre Technology

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Integrated UV Light

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Colour-Coded Microfibre

Aged Care Cleaning Equipment

Product Packages for Aged Care

We believe that aged care residents deserve access to the latest technologies to help maintain the cleanliness of your facilities, curb the spread of transmissible pathogens and viruses, and improve the user experience and productivity of those working in the industry.

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Hear What These Aged Care Cleaners Had To Say About the i-mop

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Fixing the Most Common Cleaning Challenges Within the Aged Care Sector

Exploring how the i-team range of products tackles shared challenges within the aged care sector, improves productivity and optimises health outcomes for guests.

Fixing the Most Common Cleaning Challenges Within the Aged Care Sector

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Faster, Cleaner, Greener, Safer, Better


Clean up to 90% faster than traditional methods and reduce labour costs.


Objectively improved dirt removal, including in hard to reach areas.


Automatic systems make every ounce of chemical and water count.


Reduce cleaning agent exposure and OH&S incidents including slips.


Our continual innovation improves client, customer and cleaner satisfaction.

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