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Commercial Cleaning Equipment

Reliable commercial cleaning equipment to win bigger contracts.

Maintain the edge over your competitors in a highly competitive commercial space with equipment that lets your team clean faster, safer, greener and better than ever before.

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i-mop XL brush detail

The right tools to work smarter and get more done in less time.

The ever-evolving i-team suite of cleaning solutions will allow you to approach cleaning challenges in new ways and open doors that may not have been previously possible.

For a start, cordless efficiency matters. Every moment spent searching for a power outlet or untangling extention cables is time wasted. With the i-mop cordless scrubber and i-move cordless commercial vacuum cleaner backpack, your cleaning team can supercharge every shift.

Expand your contracts far beyond evening office cleaning and into building maintenance with tools like the i-suit for high-level window cleaning without the strain or danger. Or keep workplaces COVID-safe with i-fogger, the powerful 360-degree commercial disinfection backpack.

Need help with applying for a commercial cleaning tender? Talk with i-team about product specifications to help you win the business.

5 Common Challenges Within Commercial Cleaning

In order to scale your business, you need every efficiency possible — without cutting corners.

Slim margins from rising labour costs
Consistently meeting client expectations
Remaining efficient on larger contracts
Turnover and the burdon of training
Meeting employment safety requirements

Get the edge in Commercial Cleaning

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i-mop XL

The fast, flexible floor scrubber dryer

The i-mop XL solves the problems of traditional floor cleaning systems by combining the flexibility of a mop with the power and speed of industrial scrubber dryers.

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Up to 140-min Battery Runtime

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350 RPM Brush Speed

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46cm Scrub Width, 22.5kg Brush Pressure

How i-team services the Commercial Cleaning Industry

Join the revolution with cleaning innovation.

Card benefits
Interchangeable, plug and play battery system

One set of batteries and one charger are enough for a complete floor cleaning system. Our i-power batteries power the i-mop, i-vac 5B, i-vac 9b, i-gum B and the i-light XL. Lightweight but powerful, our li-ion batteries have impressive run times.
Through the Plug and Play interchangeable battery packs, cleaning teams can recharge one set of batteries while continuing on the job without recharging downtime.

Card benefits
Increase productivity in all areas of cleaning

Every innovation from i-team is built for a better, more efficient clean - improving your bottom line.
With the i-mop floors can be cleaned up to 10 times faster than with conventional wet mops
Or, take the revolutionary i-spraywash foam cleaning system, which enables you to clean large areas up to 48% faster than regular foaming cleaning systems, as well as significant chemical and water usage savings.

Card benefits
Ways to scale with innovation in your corner

Perhaps you’re only managing contracts for single locations or particular office floors. With the right tools you can outperform the competition and grow your service to provide multiple, whole-of-facility management contracts.
Start on the right foot with every contract tender, even backing up your service with evidence-based hygiene outcomes or measurable labour savings through i-know.

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4D cleaning philosophy with a greener approach

Cleaning contracts don’t need to stop at the floors, bathrooms and emptying the bins. Walls, surfaces and air are also part of the picture in our 4D philosophy.
With the use of powered equipment and microfibre systems, we can reduce the reliance on chemicals while achieving an even higher level of cleanliness. For example, i-mop’s enhanced fluid control system, make every ounce of chemical and water count, reducing environmental impact by over 75%.

The Ultimate Guide to Winning a Commercial Cleaning Tender

Are you looking to win a commercial cleaning tender and take your business to the next level? We know that the competition can be tough, but with the right approach and guidance, you can come out on top.

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Maximum cleaning power with i-scrub

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4x Model Sizes

Get to hard-to-clean areas

Scrubbing no longer feels like a chore. Advanced orbital technology generates 1650 RPM of cleaning power, which is 8-times higher than traditional single disc machines. *Specs based on the i-scrub 30.

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13kg Weight

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1650 RPM Brush Speed

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30cm Cleaning Width

Commercial Cleaning Equipment

Featured Case Study

i-buildings – How To Win And Maintain Commercial Cleaning Contracts


We caught up with Tony, a veteran of Australia’s commercial cleaning landscape, to find out how the inception of the i-building concept has helped to display innovation to win and maintain contracts.

How To Win And Maintain Commercial Cleaning Contracts

What our customers say

Why do professionals choose the i-mop?

In short, we simplify and improve cleaning effectiveness. The i-mop revolutionizes the cleaning processes in the following five ways:


Clean up to 90% faster than traditional methods and reduce labour costs.


Objectively improved dirt removal, including in hard to reach areas.


Automatic systems make every ounce of chemical and water count.


Reduce cleaning agent exposure and OH&S incidents including slips.


Our continual innovation improves client, customer and cleaner satisfaction.

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