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Frequently Asked Questions

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Product Support

Where can I download manuals or quick guides?

Any i-team mechanical and technology equipment ships with an Operator Manual that includes a troubleshooting section. You can download a manual and other guides from the product page on this website. Note that online guides will be for the most recent model of the machine and we take no responsibility or liabilty for its use on a different machine or model. If you require a guide for a discontinued model of machine, please reach out to customer care.

How do I raise a warranty claim for my product?

If you would like to raise a warranty claim on your product, simply contact the supplier from whom you purchased the equipment from. Your supplier will process a claim on your behalf if it is deemed under warranty.

Who do I contact if my product arrives damaged or broken?

On the off chance that your product has arrived damaged or broken you must contact your supplier immediately. You will need to provide your supplier photo evidence of the damaged product and a replacement product or part may be sent out to you.

Does i-team ANZ have a locally-based customer care line?

Yes! All our staff are based in Australia. You can contact us via phone, email or through an online enquiry form. This information is available under the Contact Us section of the wesbite.

I have a suggestion / idea for a product, who can I talk to?

Great! We always love to hear of new ideas, it’s the heart of i-teams values: Inquire, Innovate and Inspire. Please send our team an email or reach our directly through the Contact Us section of the website. We can't wait to hear from you!

I’m having difficulty locating or connecting my machine with i-link® ?

Please contact the supplier that you purchased the equipment from so they can investigate further for you.

Will I void my warranty by repairing a machine myself?

Yes, all repairs should be conducted by a qualified i-team service agent or your warranty will be void. Contact your supplier for more information. Please note, that common consumable items such as squeegess, brushes, pads and filters can be replaced by yourself.

Shipping & Handling

Where are i-team ANZ products shipped from?

We keep large quanities of i-team products on hand in our Sydney, NSW warehouse, and our Auckland, NZ warehouse. We endeavour to fulfil all orders within 48 hours of payment. The time for delivery will vary depending on the delivery location. The total time for delivery anywhere in Australia or New Zealand should not normally be longer than 14 days from order placement. Occasionally, products may need to be ordered via our international partner network; we will inform you of delivery timeframes should this be the case.

What is the cost and length of shipping?

For all queries regarding shipping cost and delivery time please contact the supplier from whom you purchased from.

How do I return a product for repair or replacement?

To arrange a product to be returned or repaired, please reach out to your supplier. They will be able to help arrange this directly for you.

Who do I contact if my product arrives damaged or broken?

In the unlikely instance that your product arrives damaged, please directly contact your supplier.

Do you have any options for me to collect an item?

Please contact your supplier or reach out to us via the contact us page on our website. We will be able to refer you to the nearest partner available to help you.

My product hasn’t arrived?

If your product hasnt arrived please reach out to your freight carrier or directly contact your partner for shipping information.

How our products are made

Where are i-team products designed?

Our R&D department is headquartered in Eindhoven, Netherlands, operating as i-team Global. We continually collect customer feedback and explore the latest technology for the development & design of high-end cleaning machines, products and utilities.

Where are i-team products assembled?

Our i-team products are assembled in 3 different factory locations. Our main factory is based in Eindhoven followed by the USA and China.

How do I order replacement parts or consumables (brushes, squeegee, chemicals)?

Please contact us via the Contact Us form to confirm your location and we will refer you to the nearest supplier. Otherwise you can reach out directly to your i-team supplier.

How should I dispose of old or used i-team batteries?

In order to dispose of your old batteries correctly please contact your local local battery recycling plant.

Reach out to a Service Agent for repairs

If troubleshooting hasn’t solved your issue, please get in touch to arrange a service or repairs.

Contact Service Agent