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Best Education Cleaning Tools

School cleaning equipment for a cleaner future.

Cleanliness is critical to safety and enrolments. But anyone who cleans a school or university knows just how sprawling a campus can be, especially with heavy equipment.

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i-remove - a gum and graffiti remover from i-team

Clean smarter, not harder.

Throughout Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea our educational facilities are viewed as safe places to be. But like anywhere that many people gather, cleaning must go beyond appearances and be looked at as a matter of community health.
For students and those who work in early learning, childcare, primary schools, secondary schools or tertiary level education, it’s crucial that educational environments are kept clean and hygienic to prevent the rapid spead of illness.
With our educational facility cleaning tools it’s possible to regularly deep-clean large, communal spaces, fast. Tools like i-mop put technology to work for safety, making it easy to keep hard surfaces clean even throughout the semester, while reducing the risk of slip & fall incidents with immediate recovery of scrubbing water for quick drying.

5 Common Challenges in Education Facilities.

Most people in education facilities management are looking for solutions to the following problems:

Needs of classrooms, stairs & large spaces
Gum removal from floors, tables & chairs
Mobility for cleaning hard to reach areas
Operating in lower light after-hours
Fast sanitisation of dozens of bathrooms

Get gum gone in six seconds.

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Chewing gum removal machine

Remove gum on carpet, pavers, concrete, tiles and metal — 6 seconds is all it takes.

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9.4kg (without batteries)

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2.5L Tank Capacity

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100min Runtime (i-power 14)

How i-team services the Education Industry

Protect people and your school's reputation with next-gen hygiene practices.

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Cleaner seats and surfaces with fewer chemicals

Microfibre has changed cleaning processes for good, needing fewer chemicals and their potential irritation of allergies.
Now the latest in trio split microfibre technology from i-team means a healthier, more sustainable environment. Cloths are colour-coded for keeping track of what gets used where.

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Masterful mobility on any level, including stairs

Go cordless in the classroom and never get tangled on chair and table legs again. Machines like the i-scrub offer extreme manoeuvrability and battery powered flexibility are required to achieve optimum productivity.

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End complaints from staff, students and parents

When cleaning gets complacent the complaints start flooding in. It’s worth investing in technology that to ensure your cleaning team can meet their KPIs to keep those who pay for enrolments happy.
You can demonstrate a documented record of cleanliness with the i-know kit for dirt and particulate measurement.

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Air purification units for schools

When cleaning gets complacent the complaints start flooding in. It’s worth i-air is a leading commercial air purifier unit that combines high-volumes of HEPA H14-filtered air with UV light chamber that captures and kills pathogens, making it one of the best low maintenance air purifiers available.
Suitable to purify air in areas up to 500 square-meters while maintaining MERV19-rated air quality.

The Complete School Cleaning Checklist

We understand that ensuring the cleanliness and safety of your campus is a top priority. That's why we've created a comprehensive cleaning checklist to make your job easier.

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Clean any hard floor surface with the i-mop

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i-mop XL

The fast, flexible floor scrubber dryer

The i-mop XL solves the problems of traditional floor cleaning systems by combining the flexibility of a mop with the power and speed of industrial scrubber dryers.

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Up to 140-min Battery Runtime

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350 RPM Brush Speed

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46cm Scrub Width, 22.5kg Brush Pressure

Education Cleaning Equipment

Product Packages for School Cleaners

Get all the big jobs done fast so you have time to impress your clients with the little things they notice.

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Revolutionize educational facility cleaning

Meeting cleaning standards whilst providing a high-quality learning experience puts constant pressure on school management.

Watch the video below to learn more about some of the revolutionary cleaning products for the Education Industry.

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Featured Case Study

The i-mop In Action At Willetton Senior High School

We recently visited Willetton Senior High School – a large public secondary school in Perth, Western Australia – to see the i-mop in action on a range of flooring areas.

Cleaning Willeton senior high school

What our customers say

Why do professionals choose the i-mop?

In short, we simplify and improve cleaning effectiveness. The i-mop revolutionizes the cleaning processes in the following five ways:


Clean up to 90% faster than traditional methods and reduce labour costs.


Objectively improved dirt removal, including in hard to reach areas.


Automatic systems make every ounce of chemical and water count.


Reduce cleaning agent exposure and OH&S incidents including slips.


Our continual innovation improves client, customer and cleaner satisfaction.

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