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i-mop Savings Calculator

How much could you be saving by switching to the i-mop?

The i-mop's many innovations deliver an exceptional clean in less time, while also reducing the volume of water and cleaning chemicals needed. It all adds up to a better bottom line for you business.

Find out how much you could be saving with i-mop using the calculator below by either dragging the slider or typing in the number.

Savings Calculator

Savings are based on the following assumptions, feel free to change these using the sliders below.

i-mop lite
i-mop xl
i-mop xxl

Your yearly labour & chemical savings

from $6,642 NZ

Your yearly labour & chemical savings

from $6,642 NZ

String mopMicrofibre flat mopi-mop xl
Cleaning rate400 m2/hr720 m2/hr1630 m2/hr
Cleaning1 hour33 mins15 mins
Cleaning260 hours144 hours 27 mins63 hours 48 mins

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