Testing kit for proven cleanliness

The commercial cleaning measurement tools in the i-know kit make the invisible visible by scientifically proving the effectiveness of our high-performing industrial cleaning machines.

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ATP Meter

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Slip Meter

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Gloss Meter


Commercial floor matting system

i-matt is a clean-in-place, no trip, extended duration floor matting system that vastly improves floor safety and ease of cleaning.

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3 Sections, Each 91.5cm x 3m

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Absorbs Up To 30L Per Roll

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R13 Slip-Resistance Rating


Chemical dosing system

The i-dose system is designed specifically for the i-mop, combining ecologically-conscious cleaning detergents with a user-friendly pod design.

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10ml Dose Pods

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3x Formulations

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Onboard Pod Holder


4x Model Sizes

Increase cleaning productivity and speed

Using i-land makes the overall commercial cleaning process more efficient. Eliminate unproductive travelling time by taking all cleaning tools and accessories and the cleaning machines you need on your cleaning island with you. *Specs based on the i-land L Pro Drive.

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140 x 68 x 110cm

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4.5km/h Top Speed

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