4D Cleaning

i-team think much further than just cleaning equipment. We don’t just provide cleaning products; we deliver you complete cleaning solutions covering all aspects of cleaning in every industry. By using revolutionary cleaning technology combined with customer feedback collated from all over the world, i-team provide customers with true innovations in cleaning that make a huge difference to the way you clean. The result? Cleaner and greener facilities.

Holistic cleaning We divide cleaning into 4 dimensions.

  • 1D Floors
  • 2D Walls & Ceiling
  • 3D Furniture
  • 4D Indoor Air

Only when you work on all 4 dimensions of cleaning can you achieve the highest levels of cleanliness. If all dimensions are not cleaned, the dirt from another dimension will infect the clean areas again. A recent study conducted using ATP testing showed that a recently cleaned floor was dirty again in just two hours. Where did the dirt come from? Not from dirt being tracked in from people walking on the floor. It came from the air. Yes the air! Indoor air is often filled with pollution and can be 5-10 times worse quality than outdoor air. The particles in indoor air settle on the floor, furniture and walls, making them dirty again quickly and meaning you have to clean more regularly. That’s why we make the invisible dirt visible, showing you the problem areas that require cleaning. Only using this holistic approach to cleaning will allow you to achieve maximum cleanliness.

Cleaning dimensions translated into equipment.

We take the 4 dimensions into account when designing cleaning equipment. Our vision is to provide users with the ultimate selection of cleaning tools, specializing in one or multiple cleaning dimensions. Different tools are designed to work together and complement each other, meaning smaller investments and improved cleaning efficiency. Keep reading to find out about the 4 dimensions in more detail.


1D Cleaning Floors

The cleaning of floors is usually one of the most time-consuming aspects of cleaning. Through innovating we have developed smarter solutions to make floor cleaning faster and more efficient. Not only this, we have designed ways to make your floors cleaner and more hygienic while reducing environmental impact. Products that have a big impact in floor cleaning are the i-mop, the i-mat, the i-gum and our range of vacuums. Many of our machines share the same i-power batteries. Combining the use of the i-mop with our battery vacuums saves you time and increases your mobility while cleaning.


The i-mop cleans faster and achieves drastically improved cleaning results when compared with traditional mop and buckets and even flat mop systems. The i-mop cleans up to 10 times faster, whilst reducing the environmental impact by up to 75%.

2D Cleaning Walls & Ceilings

Cleaning ceilings and walls is an important process in any cleaning regime. These surfaces are exposed to various types of contaminants and as they are sometimes difficult to access, call for smarter cleaning solutions. Cleaning technologies like our i-fibre and i-scrub 26h allow you to tackle these difficult areas with ease, saving time and reducing effort. Using i-fibre pre-treated mop heads reduce water and chemical usage whilst improving cleaning results. Or if a more powerful mechanical cleaning solution is required such as for dirty grout lines or shower areas, check out the wall cleaning power of the compact handheld scrubber i-scrub21b.

Cleaning walls with i-fibre

The specially designed flexible frame of the i-fibre wallwash will bend 180 degrees making it perfect for cleaning walls and cornices and other hard to reach areas. This patented soft edge cleaning technology is part of the 4D complete approach to cleaning, that isn’t found in any other microfibre cleaning system.


3D Cleaning Surfaces

Surface cleaning is the 3rd important dimension of cleaning. Whether cleaning in sports stadiums, cinemas, schools or retail facilities and whether in Australia, New Zealand or Papua New Guinea, there are a lot of surfaces to be cleaned. Different techniques and tools may be required due to the unique characteristics of various surface types. We have developed a range of products to help clean these surfaces too. The i-fibre range offers a variety of cleaning tools designed to suit low to heavy soiling levels. The high quality trio split microfibre technology incorporated in the i-fibre range ensures maximum dirt retention and an extended product life. The use of the pre-treat charging buckets with i-fibre can reduce your chemical usage when cleaning by up to 60%.

Cleaning curved surfaces

Cleaning these surfaces requires specialist products like the i-scrub 26h with patented soft edge technology. This smart technology ensures maximum contact between the microfibre pad and the surface to be cleaned, improving or cleaning effectiveness. Read more about the i-scrub 26H


4D Cleaning Air

The generally overlooked aspect of cleaning is cleaning the air! The quality of the air we breathe indoors is typically compromised by many particles including dust, bacteria and viruses. With Indoor air quality up to 5-10 times worse than normal outdoor air, we believe cleaning the 4th dimension is a crucial aspect of a complete cleaning solution to limit the health effects of poor indoor air quality. The i-air Pro is a revolutionary clean room air filtration device with patented kill chamber and multi-stage UV A/B technology. Unlike other air cleaning technologies, the i-air pro not only filters particles from the air, it also kills all viruses and bacteria to achieve unparalleled MERV-19 air quality levels.

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