Yesterdays approaches to cleaning just don’t cut it anymore

When you stop and think about it, they are…

  • Inefficient | With tools and techniques that are often unable to effectively clean surfaces
  • Labour Intensive | Requiring slow, expensive and often back-breaking manual work
  • Counterproductive | Actually spreading rather than removing soils and contamination
  • Wasteful | Using and wasting excessive amounts of water and chemicals
  • Outright dangerous | Posing environmental and personal health and safety hazards

The i-team approach

We believe cleaning is more than the superficial removal of soil. It means ensuring the health and safety of people while protecting the environment. It means making the job simpler, easier and more enjoyable. It means objectively measurable, consistent results. And it means creating partnerships among customers, users and the community to achieve these goals.


Cleaning must be faster

It is well established that the greatest cost in any cleaning operation is the cost of labour. Therefore improving productivity has the greatest positive impact on your cleaning budget. The use of innovative, lightweight but powerful battery powered cleaning equipment can dramatically speed up your cleaning operations. As an example, with the i-mop you can reduce your floor cleaning time by up to 90% when compared with conventional wet mops. The i-land with its self-contained stock of interchangeable accessories and consumables and even power supply for cleaning equipment can support dispersed operations throughout the facility. This “Cleaning Island” concept virtually eliminates the wasted time of returning to the cleaners storeroom mid-job. With our Plug and Play concept of interchangeable battery packs, you can recharge one set of batteries while you continue cleaning using a second set of batteries, thus enabling continuous operation without recharging downtime.

faster savings


Cleaning must be objectively cleaner

We scientifically test beyond the visible to ensure spaces are healthier. It’s what you can’t see that matters;

  • Inaccessible & neglected areas
  • Insufficient mechanical displacement of soil
  • Insufficient soil count reduction

Revolutionary equipment such as the i-mop with it’s very low 7cm scrubbing deck height and the i-scrub with a swivel cleaning head allow cleaning in normally inaccessible areas (e.g., corners, under furniture) with highly efficient mechanical action to thoroughly remove soils. Innovative systems for efficiently cleaning vertical surfaces, furnishing and fixtures, and even the air itself, assure comprehensive environmental decontamination for all dimensions of your facility. With the i-know kit you can demonstrate via the objective scientific methodology that an area has been more thoroughly cleaned. We have redefined the meaning of Clean. It’s not just visual and not just the obvious surfaces. We address the entire space – including the air – and can test the results using objective scientific methodology. i-team extends optimal cleaning to the total environment.



Cleaning must be greener

Growing concern for our planet and its occupants demands more sustainable cleaning products and techniques. Systems such as the i-mop with its enhanced fluid control system make every ounce of chemical and water count, reducing environmental impact by over 75%.\ Environmental Health & Safety standards also address reduction of exposure to harmful chemicals through the more efficient application of mechanical action. With the use of powered equipment and microfiber systems, we can reduce the reliance on chemicals while achieving an even higher level of cleanliness. In addition to i-team’s extraordinarily sustainable technological solutions, our philanthropic effort towards the Made Blue foundation make a substantial positive contribution.

green flow


Cleaning must be safer

At i-team we understand that safety is imperative and build safety and operator ergonomic considerations into all of our products. Revolutionary cleaning equipment that leaves floors dry instantly to prevent slips and falls. Lightweight, ergonomic systems such as the i-suit that reduce strain on the operator. Innovative chemical dosage and application systems such as i-dose and i-spraywash significantly reduce or eliminate exposure to dangerous chemicals. Superior cleaning efficacy that reduces biological contamination. How do you measure the safety of your cleaning practises? The i-know kit objectively measures floor safety and levels of contamination enabling you to monitor conditions for optimal risk management. Knowledge is power.



Cleaning must serve everyone who owns, operates or uses a facility

Most of all, we change the experience of cleaning, bringing energy, pride, and positive morale to cleaning staff. i-team assures the health, safety and satisfaction of facility occupants and visitors.\ i-team changes the value of cleaning for the facility owner and manager, helping to drive productivity of their operation, support effective risk management and maintain presentation and protection of their brand image. i-team is a model of Corporate Social Responsibility;

  • A leading contributor to sustainable technologies and practices
  • Philanthropic efforts on behalf of Made Blue
  • Ethical and transparent business dealings\
  • Commitment to local communities around the world with a highly diverse family of i-partners in over 60 countries.

Our holistic approach, our concern for the humanity of the cleaner, the safety and satisfaction of the facility’s occupants and visitors and the preservation of the environment, and our determination to make cleaning Better for Everyone, confirms i-team as a true industry leader.

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