i-spraywash has landed in ANZ!

One of the biggest stars of the European cleaning scene has just landed on the shores of Australia and New Zealand!

The i-spraywash is a revolutionary tablet based foaming gun cleaning system, that continues the i-team story of changing the way you think about cleaning. i-spraywash helps you clean better, faster, greener and safer!

"Getting i-spraywash to Australia and New Zealand has actually been on my top priority list after I developed the concept. In the past few years i-spraywash has helped thousands of cleaners in Europe, improving their daily cleaning procedures, ensuring good results, faster and easier handling as well as improving the ergonomics. Plus, you have at least 80% less impact on the environment, saving tons of plastic and CO2"

- Brian Baekke, i-spraywash inventor

The i-spraywash system is proven to offer tremendous efficiency improvements in cleaning and disinfecting washrooms, kitchens, industrial facilities and more.

Users of i-spraywash have quickly come to love the system.

All manual chemical dilution and handling is eliminated through its innovative tablet based automatic dosing, and operators carry up to 4 tonnes less per year, with the gun being only 1kg compared to the 3kg of conventional foaming guns.

Not only does i-spraywash offer operational benefits, it’s more sustainable –switching to i-spraywash with its concentrated tablets mean less carbon emissions as there is no transporting of water (the greatest ingredient in any liquid chemical), and also significantly less plastic packaging.

And to top off the i-spraywash sustainability hat-trick?

The unique design of the applicator nozzle means that you can clean almost twice as fast as a conventional foamer with almost half the amount of water.

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