Busy restaurants have high cleaning standards

A sparkling clean restaurant leads to repeat clients. Our own personal experience teaches us it only takes a minor negative hygiene experience in a food establishment to build a bad reputation. Patrons visiting restaurants and bars have high expectations and in todays highly connected world may be quick to post negative reviews when they are unsatisfied with hygiene standards. Are your restaurant cleaning standards and processes using the best technology you can to help ensure your reviews will be positive? There are many areas to focus on. Back of house is crucial to ensure standards are maintained in food preparation. Then the washrooms – cleaning behind the toilet may be overlooked in the current cleaning process. Perhaps the main front of house floor areas are sticky due to using mops rather than mechanical cleaning. Or it could even be the spill management system that is being used that could be improved.

“Instead of taking an hour to mop the floor we do it in 10 minutes with the i-mop”

Cleaning Solutions for Restaurants

Whether in the café strip in Fremantle WA, the bars of St Kilda VIC or the a-la-carte dining options of the Queenstown NZ, the range of innovative cleaning solutions from i-team are in use and helping food establishments improve hygiene and safety standards. Fast and effective, our i-spraywash foam cleaning system enables cleaning of kitchens and large washrooms in record time and with lower cost and a reduction of water usage. The i-mop floor scrubber cleans all hard floor types in areas that before could only be mopped, dramatically reducing labour costs and increasing hygiene standards. The revolutionary i-matt floor safety matting system absorbs spills and can be cleaned without being removed.

The best spill cleanup solution for restaurants

The revolutionary i-mop leaves floors dry in just 30 seconds!

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The best spill cleanup solution for restaurants

Cleaning Restaurant floors

Poor hygiene in food preparations environments can result in the contamination of food with germs and bacteria. For a restaurant this is simply not an option.

The effects of gravity ensure that grease and residue of other cleaning activity will end up on the floor. The i-mop, which can be used to clean floors both front and back of house, will enable you to achieve higher levels of hygiene and labour productivity. Contrary to regular mopping which often spreads dirt from one area to another, the i-mop uses clean water on every part of the floor, applies powerful mechanical scrubbing action to remove grease and clean groutlines, then vacuums up the dirty solution and soil. ATP testing of surfaces cleaned with an i-mop compared with a regular mopping have shown that the i-mop will achieve a 95% cleaner surface.

Cleaning Food preparation areas

Cleaning of food preparation surfaces, benches and walled areas in kitchen areas can often involve time consuming processes, exposure to harsh chemicals and a lot of hard manual scrubbing. In line with our philosophy of improving cleaning systems in 5 areas, The i-spraywash foam cleaning system changes all that. i-spraywash is easier to use, saves time, reduces operator safety risk, increases hygiene and reduces environmental impact through reduced chemical and water usage.

Reduce cleaning time and improve staff hygiene

Restaurant cleaning can be very demanding and time critical. A stream of orders can overwhelm kitchen staff if they are not equipped with the best technology to clean quickly and effectively. With record levels of floor cleaning productivity and operator satisfaction, the i-mop is the ultimate tool for ultra-fast restaurant and cafe floor cleaning. Some facts;

Cleaning a 30 m2 kitchen with a conventional mop takes up to 15 minutes. With the i-mop it takes just 5 minutes.

Cleaning a 180 m2 dining area with a conventional mop takes up to 90 minutes. With the i-mop it takes just 10 minutes.

Cleaning up spills with a wet mop takes up to 10 minutes, and may take 10-15 minutes for the floor to dry. It will take the i-mop only 5 minutes, and the floor will be dry within 30 seconds.

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