Clean healthcare environments are critical. Every second counts, every life is precious.

In hospitals and aged care facilities, high standards of cleaning are absolutely vital. The safety of doctors, nurses, patients and visitors is paramount. High quality cleaning standards and systems can help to make a significant difference, as infection can spread quickly if hygiene is not maintained. Using the latest and most technologically advanced industrial cleaning systems and processes in healthcare environments will help ensure the safety of all stakeholders.

With the use of the revolutionary cleaning technologies incorporated in the i-team products, healthcare cleaning managers can ensure they are equipping their facility with products that are at the leading edge of industrial cleaning equipment.

Is your floor actually clean?

You can have confidence in the effectiveness of your floor cleaning and scrubbing processes with the testing capabilities of i-know kit. ATP tests, slip meter and dirt challenges all included.

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Is your floor actually clean?

Another way that cleanliness can be checked is with the i-scrub26H with integrated black light. The unique black light lets you immediately examine each surface to determine whether any soil and bacteria is remaining, allowing you to revise cleaning processes where necessary to achieve an acceptable standard of hygiene.

Improving Healthcare hygiene

In demonstrations that i-team has done in numerous hospitals and aged care facilities, we have found that most public areas and corridor floors appear to be clean, but when ATP tested, possess significant levels of contamination. The i-mop enables you to dramatically improve your healthcare cleaning and maintenance standards.

improving healthcare hygiene

The agility of a flat mop with the power of an auto scrubber

The weight of the machine sitting on the brushes ensures that the i-mop scrubs harder than other industrial scrubbers. The brush speed is 100% faster than typical scrubbers making them more effective for a deeper clean. Floors cleaned regularly with an i-mop will be noticeably cleaner and demonstrably more hygienic. As measured by objectively quantifiable ATP testing, the surfaces cleaned with the i-mop are up to 90% cleaner compared with those maintained with regular mop and bucket cleaning.

Proven cleanliness

With over 350 revolutions per minute and 22kg of brush pressure, the i-mop cleans quickly and effectively. Hospital and nursing home staff love cleaning with the i-mop.

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Proven cleanliness

Making invisible dirt visible

Effective cleaning of hard surfaces in hospital rooms is critical for reducing infection and requires the highest hygiene standards. To validate this, the use of ATP test values is necessary in order to guarantee the safety of the environment. What defines 'clean'? While a visual inspection may be sufficient in some industries, this is not the case in the healthcare sector. Lives may depend on how clean a room is.

This isn't just the floor - it is every surface, which is why we have a 4D approach to room cleaning. Contamination of high-touch areas is how the majority of transmissible infections are spread in medical environments. With our i-know kit, you can begin monitoring the cleanliness of these high touch areas, using the ATP test from the kit to determine if surfaces have been adequately cleaned. The implementation of a monitoring regime using the i-know can help empower commercial cleaning staff to maintain cleaning and hygiene standards.

atp kit

Learn about our 4 Dimensional approach to room cleaning

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