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Transport hubs such as airports, train stations and bus depots often cover vast areas. These areas are frequented by large numbers of people and often experience substantial highs and lows in traffic levels. Combined with the vast open spaces, the high public touchpoint surfaces and range of heights requiring cleaning. Howerever, cleaning in the transport sector presents a wide range of unique challenges.

Check out the i-mop cleaning one of the world's busiest airports, Heathrow Airport, below.

In Australia and New Zealand, some major facilities such as Sydney Airport have banned chewing gum. However, removing chewing gum remains an important part of the cleaning required at many transport facilities across the region.

Gum Removal

Removal of gum from external hard surfaces is often handled with the use of high-pressure washing equipment. In indoor areas, gum removal can be a very tedious task requiring harsh solvents and hard scrubbing. The i-gum was introduced to solve these issues and allows highly portable, super effective chewing gum removal in both indoor and outdoor environments in just 6 seconds.

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Gum Removal


Thousands of people travel through airports, train and bus stations. This high traffic can mean surfaces can become very dirty very quickly, and contamination levels can be alarming. A study recently complete at three major US airports found that the self check-in stations have the dirtiest surfaces in an airport, with the average check-in screen having 253,857 CFU (colony forming units), compared to an average of 172CFU that are found on the average domestic toilet seat. The high service standards expected in the transport industry demand the best commercial cleaning standards and equipment, making it important for cleaning operators to have products that are cleaner, safer, faster, green and better to use.

The i-fibre range of microfibre cleaning products has been designed with these factors in mind, incorporating unique trio split microfibre technology to outperform conventional cleaning methods with less chemical and water.


Cleaning windows can be safer with the revolutionary i-suit

This revolutionary method of helping the operator operate window cleaning poles relieves the operator of 50% of the physical strain, significantly reducing the safety risk faced by cleaning industry staff.

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Cleaning windows can be safer with the revolutionary i-suit

Cleaning around obstacles

The i-mop range of machines are re-imagined, vertically designed, high capacity auto scrubbers with in-built water saving and safety features. With the i-mop lite, you can clean tight areas such as underneath benches, around toilets, and in and around the food court fixtures. With the large i-mop xxl auto scrubber with its 62cm cleaning width you can clean large areas such as walkways whilst still retaining the unique mobility of the i-mop. The i-mop is the only scrubber that can turn 360 degrees on the spot and run 24/7 without stopping for batteries to recharge. The ease of transporting the i-mop allows you to take your machine to multiple levels, even up and down the escalator. Or if you need to move from building to building and take your i-mop and other cleaning accessories with you, check out the range of i-land cleaning stations. No more unproductive travel time!

imop manouverable floor cleaning machine

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