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Increase cleaning productivity and speed.

Eliminate unproductive travelling time by taking all cleaning tools and accessories and the cleaning machines you need on your cleaning island with you.

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Do you want to simplify your cleaning process?

If you’re looking to increase your commercial cleaning productivity and speed, the i-land is one of the best options on the market.

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i-land benefits

Take your cleaning workstation with you.

Move more easily through your routine

Large wheels and ergonomic handle design on the i-land S Pro cleaning trolley make moving your cleaning equipment around difficult or obstructed areas easy.

The slim, upright body makes it easy to navigate any confined location, such as hotel ensuite bathrooms. Its small footprint means more room to work.

Draws to store all your stuff

Everything is where you need it on the i-land housekeeping trolley with space to store linen and towels or replacement personal care products. There’s even a space to hold your morning coffee!

Battery powered cleaning trolley

The i-land L Pro Drive powered cleaners trolley is designed to stop the hard work of pushing heavy cleaning trollies. Simply insert an interchangeable i-power battery (the same batteries used in our legendary i-mop floor scrubbers) and press the button to effortlessly begin your cleaning routine.

Pre-treatment buckets

The i-land cleaning trolley is designed to suit the i-fibre sealed, unbreakable pre-treatment buckets with integrated scaling inside the bucket. Incorporating a colour-coded cleaning routine will help improve cleaning hygiene and prevent the spread of contamination through the cleaning process.

What does REAL clean look like?

Using i-land makes the overall commercial cleaning process more efficient. Eliminate unproductive travelling time by taking all cleaning tools and accessories and the cleaning machines you need on your cleaning island with you.

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Colour-coded cleaning

The colour-coded tank lids and on-board cleaning buckets enable colour-coded cleaning routines. Implementing a colour-coding system on your cleaning trolley and cleaning process helps cleaners to find the right chemicals, tools, and cloths for the task at hand without the risk of cross contamination.

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Reduce potential injuries

No more heavy lifting of supplies or equipment – let your premium state-of-the-art i-land do the work, carrying all your cleaning products to wherever you need to clean. In-built braking mechanisms on larger i-land models eliminate risk of trolleys moving when they shouldn’t. And our battery powered motorised i-land L Pro cleaners trolley takes the hard work out of cleaning.

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Durable construction

The i-land is constructed from heavy duty PE rotomoulding for long life and corrosion resistance. You can save energy in large commercial buildings by using an i-light on your i-land, instead of turning on all building lights when cleaning after dark.

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