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i-move 2.5B

Commercial cordless backpack vacuum

  • fasterLightweight, ergonomic design enables maximum mobility and efficiency
  • cleanerChoose between standard or HEPA 14 filtration
  • saferBattery operation means no trip hazards
  • greenerBattery power with up to 52 minutes runtime
  • betterPremium European engineering

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What is the i-move 2.5B?

The i-move 2.5B’s manoeuvrable design allows you to clean tight places that are often forgotten. It features 2 high-quality filters, including an H11 Class filter, powerful suction (14 Kpa) and strong dirt pickup at 1100mmHg. Enjoy cleaner air, free from dust, pollen, and airborne bacteria.

Curvy line

No more fighting cables and chair legs with the i-move 2.5B backpack vacuum cleaner

Experience freedom and flexibility with a cord-free clean, backed by a lithium-ion battery offering long runtimes.

A high-capacity battery enables freedom and flexibility while cleaning, allowing you to navigate tight and obstructed spaces. With one click, you can switch the dust bag without needing to remove the hose, providing a faster cleaning experience

Simply strap the i-move 2.5B to your back, press the power button and start cleaning. 2 x i-power 8.7 batteries offer 52-minutes of runtime. The battery indicator monitors battery life, which can be conveniently clipped to the vest. Here are a few examples of the i-move 2.5B in action.

What our customers say

Powerful cleaning in a portable package

Card benefits
The most comfortable fit for cleaning

The i-move 2.5B is designed with portability and ergonomics as a priority. The end result is a powerful cleaning experience offering maximum mobility, comfort and efficiency. While strapped to your back, the weight is distributed evenly across your body, while the cordless design eliminates trip hazards.

Feel greater comfort with an air exhaust system that channels air away from the operator.

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Powerfully compact cleaning

the i-move 2.5B has ample power of 250 volts and a quite generous dust bag capacity of 3 litres. It’s your ultimate little helper in smaller spaces that makes all areas easy to reach without a sweat (or sore back).

Card benefits
52-minute run time per charge

The small-sized batteries can last up to 52 minutes. Make sure to recharge them in time so you can keep enjoying the effortless cordless vacuum power of i-move 2.5B.

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No sneeze easy-empty dust bag

The dust bag is switched within seconds. Open the bag compartment with one click and switch bags, no need to remove the hose.

Custamisable Options

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Scent Cartridges

Our eco-friendly scent cartridges fill the air as you clean with a pleasant aroma. With i-scent, we introduce a soft, soothing fragrance that transforms your environment. Place the optional i-scent cartridge in the canister, select the amount of fragrance and make your spaces smell heavenly.

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Additional Batteries

Power up your cleaning regimen with additional batteries and a charger to keep on cleaning. Keep a second set of i-power 8.7 on standby.

Specifications and Downloads
Technical Specifications

Carry Weight

5.28kg (incl 2 batteries)

Size Body

22 x 21 x 48cm



Sound Level


Sealing Suction





2 x i-power 8.7



Charge Time

4.3hours with 2A charger & 1.7hours with 5A charger

Included Accessories

Charger & Batteries

2 x i-power 8.7 batteries & 1 x i-charge 5 charger

Paper bags

Pack of 10 single-use paper bags

Standard filter

Perfect for day-to-day general commercial vacuuming.

Telescopic wand

High quality, 530mm stainless steel wand

Stretch hose

Use the stretch hose in combination with telescopic wand to reach all those hard to reach places

Elbow piece

High quality elbow piece

Floor tool ergo

32mm flat-nosed design allows access underneath tight, difficult to access areas

Extra tools

Dusting brush, crevice & upholstery tools

Customisable Add Ons

Reusable cloth bag

Strong, durable cloth fabric that can be emptied and reused multiple times

HEPA H14 filters

Removes particles, allergens and pathogens commonly linked to health issues like asthma

Fragrance pods

The i-scent fills the room with a pleasant aroma while cleaning

i-move 2.5B Frequently asked questions

Is the i-move 2.5b HEPA rated?

It features 2 high-quality filters, including a H11 Class filter.

Can I get a reusable bag for the i-move 2.5?

The i-move 2.5b offers 2 different types of vacuum bags: single-use paper or reusable cloth bags.

What maintenance is required?

Replace vacuum bag when full. We recommend replacing the filters every 6-12 months and remove and clean the roller brush of any hair periodically.

How long do the filters last?

6-12 months

What is the warranty cover?

The i-move 2.5B is packaged with a 24-month commercial warranty from the date of purchase. The warranty excludes consumables such as vacuum bags and filters. Register your warranty here.

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