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vac 6

Powerful electric commercial vacuum

Starting from: $467

  • fasterPowerful engine for exceptional cleaning performance
  • cleanerChoose between standard, HEPA 14 or ULPA filtration
  • saferPatented "whizzo" alerts full bag, preventing motor damage
  • betterPremium European engineering

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What is the vac 6?

Commercial vacuums need to be indestructible. That’s why we’ve used non-breakable materials in the vac 6. And no rivets. Instead, attachments are assembled with screws. We’ve chosen shock-absorbing materials for the wheels. Plus, there’s a parking position to allow for safe working on stairs.

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The strong and mighty commercial vacuum

With the capacity to use HEPA 14 and ULPA filtration, you can ensure that your vacuum cleaning is a cut above.

HEPA removes particles, allergens and pathogens often associated with health issues such as asthma. ULPA is the highest possible level of vacuum filtration ideal in buildings where the highest standard of air quality is imperative.

The vac 6 has several unique features, such as the patented “whizzo” whistle to alert operators when the bag is full, reinforced kink-free vacuum hoses, tangle-resistant cable and more!

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Built to last and last and last

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Ultra-high filtration options

When you vacuum, recirculating dust particles into the air is not what you want. The vac 6 offers three levels of filtration for different needs.

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Patented whizzo indicator

Full bag? Vacuum clogged? The whizzo makes a high, loud tone in either situation. This alerts the operator to attend to the machine and prevent motor damage, saving you costly repair bills and downtime.

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Lower dB to clean during office hours

With a choice between low or high-power settings, the low setting can be a game changer for operational daytime cleaning in busy offices.

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Onboard accessories

Onboard tool storage is standard on vac 6, allowing you to carry the upholstery tool and dusting brush with you wherever you go. It also allows you to clip the floor tool into the specially designed holder for easy, neat storage.

Custamisable Options

vac 6 standard filter
Standard Filter for day-to-day general commercial

The entry-point filter comes in the form of our standard filter, rated at E10, which means it can remove 80-85% of particles down to around 0.3 microns in size. Our standard filter strikes a healthy balance between cost-effectiveness and high levels of filtration before entering the world of HEPA and even ULPA-rated filters. The standard filter remains effective for dirt, dust and pollen for regular, day-to-day cleaning of your office and home.

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HEPA H14 Filter for 99.995% removal of particulate matter

A HEPA, or ‘high-efficiency particulate air’ filter is an extremely effective filter that can remove medical-grade levels of particulate matter from the air. These are graded on a scale that starts at H10, and rises to H14, which you’ll find in our filters for the vac range. At the start of the scale, H10-H12 HEPA filters must catch at least 99.5% of particulate matter as you vacuum, while H13-rated filters rise to 99.95%. To be officially rated as an H14 HEPA filter, it needs to offer at least 99.995% removal of particulate matter in the air, down to 0.3-microns in size.

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ULPA Filter for the highest removal of pathogens, allergens and some viruses

If you’re looking for the leading filtration possible from your vacuum, ULPA filters are the best possible filters on the market. ULPA stands for ‘ultra-low particulate air,’ and these filters are typically used in environments that demand an extremely high standard of cleanliness for floors and the air around you. ULPA filters can remove 99.999% of particulate matter, making them even more efficient than HEPA H14 filters, representing the highest level of filtration you can get in a vacuum filter.

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Fragrance Cassette

Install a simple fragrance cassette inside the unit for a soothing distinctive scent that fills the room with a pleasant aroma.

Specifications and Downloads
Technical Specifications

Carry Weight


Weight with cable


Size Body

39 x 38 x 36cm

Hose Length


Cable Length




Diameter Of Tools


Motor Power


Water Lift/Suction


Air Flow



Indoor & dry

Detachable Cord


Machine Material


Included Accessories
i-team's vac 6 a single-use paper bags

Paper bags

Pack of 10 single-use paper bags

i-team's vac 6 - a Standard filters vacuuming.

Standard filters

Perfect for day-to-day general commercial vacuuming.

i-team's vac 6 15m Cable - a Kink resistant twisting

15m Cable

Kink resistant extra-durable cable with glued inner wires that eliminates twisting

i-team's vac 6 - a Telescopic wand stainless steel wand

Telescopic wand

High quality, 530mm stainless steel wand

i-team's vac 6 - an Elbow piece stainless steel nozzle

Elbow piece

High quality, 32mm stainless steel nozzle with in-built air regulator

i-team's vac 6 - a Kink-resistant hose

2.5m Hose

Kink-resistant hose with double reinforced ends

i-team's vac 6 - a Floor tool ergo

Floor tool ergo

32mm flat-nosed design allows access underneath tight, difficult to access areas

i-team's Vacuums vac 6 Extra tools - Products Accessories

Extra tools

Dusting brush, crevice & upholstery tools

Customisable Add Ons

Microfibre Bag

Pack of 10 single-use microfibre bags

HEPA H14 filters

Removes particles, allergens and pathogens commonly linked to health issues like asthma

ULPA filters

The highest possible level of vacuum filtration available on the market

Fragrance cassette

Fill the room with a pleasant aroma while cleaning

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vac 6 Frequently asked questions

Is the vac 6 HEPA rated?

The vac 6 offers 3 levels of filtration for different needs: Standard, HEPA H14 and ULPA. 

Can I get a reusable bag for the vac 6?

The vac 6 offers 3 different types of vacuum bags: single-use paper or mircofibre or reusable cloth bags.

What maintenance is required?

Replace vacuum bag when full. We recommend replacing the filters every 6-12 months.

How long do the filters last?

6-12 months

What is the warranty cover?

The vac 6 is packaged with a 24-month commercial warranty from the date of purchase. The warranty excludes consumables such as vacuum bags and filters. Register your warranty here.

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Different Vacuum Filtration Options: Standard vs HEPA vs ULPA

If you’re shopping for a vacuum cleaner for your home or workplace, you would have noticed that there are quite a few options when it comes to the level of vacuum filters. HEPA and ULPA vacuum filters are significantly more effective when it comes to removing dust and particulate matter than a standard vacuum filter.

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Different Vacuum Filtration Options: Standard vs HEPA vs ULPA

Want to know how to operate the vac 6 commercial vacuum? Watch this operator training video.

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