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Powerful commercial vacuum range

Commercial vacuums need to be indestructible. That’s why we’ve used non-breakable materials in our vacuum range. And no rivets. Instead, attachments are assembled with screws. We’ve chosen shock-absorbing materials for the wheels. Plus, there’s a parking position to allow for safe working on stairs.

i-team's Vacuums - a Powerful commercial vacuum range

i-team vacuum benefits

Start vacuuming. Stop only when you're done.

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Onboard accessories

The integrated tool holder allows you to store your crevice tool and dusting brush on the machine, keeping them safe and in easy reach - while saving valuable time.

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Patented whizzo indicator

Full bag? Vacuum clogged? The whizzo makes a high, loud tone in either situation. This alerts the operator to attend to the machine and prevent motor damage, saving you costly repair bills and downtime.

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Interchangeable battery system

Own one of our legendary i-mop XL or XXL floor scrubbers? Then you won’t have to purchase batteries or a charger for your vac 5B or vac 9B. Your i-power 9 or i-power 14 batteries are interchangeable with the vac.

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Ultra-high filtration options

When you vacuum, recirculating dust particles into the air is not what you want. The vac 6, vac 9B & vac 30 offers three levels of filtration for different needs.

  • Standard filter for day-to-day general commercial use
  • HEPA H14 filter for 99.995% removal of particulate matter
  • ULPA filter for the highest removal of pathogens, allergens and some viruses

What does REAL clean look like?

Modern vacuuming at its best. Commercial vacuums need to be indestructible. That's why we've used non-breakable materials in some of our vacs

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HEPA H14 Filtration

The vac 6, 9B and 30 does not have just one HEPA or ULPA filter like most HEPA vacuums, it has a HEPA/ULPA filter both before and after the motor for true highest level filtration.

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No more trip hazards

Say goodbye to power cords and wall sockets and say hello to vacuuming productivity with the vac 5b and 9B.

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Go low, go high, go anywhere

With the vac 30 you can easily clean under equipment, desks, furniture, anywhere.

Customise your i-mop and add your own brand.

Find the best fit for your workflow and budget then configure it to perfectly suit to your situation.

If you’re after multiple machines, ask about customising your fleet with branding to showcase your business.


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