i-land xl

Mobile cleaning workstation

i-land xl
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The ultimate cleaning trolley

Equipment slots

The i-Land XL cleaning trolley is designed with 18 equipment slots to allow you to store everything on your mobile cleaning island. Charge your batteries for the i-Mop, set down your drink, or power your i-light! Having an I-land XL on your team is like having a fully stocked cleaners storeroom right by your side.

Configurable cleaning trolley

Doors or drawers

Available with doors or drawers – the i-land XL has doors and the i-land XL Pro has heavy duty drawers. Choose whichever best fits your cleaning routines and building confines.

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Colour coded cleaning programs

Pre-treatment buckets

The i-land XL cleaning trolley is designed to suit the sealed, unbreakable i-fibre pre-treatment buckets with integrated scaling inside the bucket. Incorporating a colour coded cleaning routine will help improve cleaning hygiene and prevent the spread of contamination through the cleaning process.

Technology enabled cleaning

Tablet bracket (optional)

For the technologically enabled cleaner, the i-land housekeeping trolley can be fitted with a tablet bracket to hold your iPad or tablet. The i-land trolley is designed with cleaning operators in mind.

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Technical Specifications

Size185 x 68 x 110cm Top: 60 x 60 x 36cm Bottom Left: 60 x 39 x 31cm
Storage CapacityBottom right: 60 x 13 x 22cm Top shelf: 2 x 22.7 Liters
Bucket CapacityBottom shelf: 2 x 13.25 Litres
Cable Length10 metres
Castor Size 5"
Equipment Slots 18
Warranty1 year

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