Education facilities. Where our future is developed.

Education is the foundation of our future. Let’s keep our future clean! In both public and private sector education, the educational buildings house our students, teaching and other staff for most of the week and the majority of their awake hours. All over the ANZ & PNG region our educational facilities are viewed as safe places to be. It is viewed as a home away from home, a meeting place for peers and friends, and the launchpad for lives and careers.

Whether in early learning, childcare, primary schools, secondary schools or tertiary level education, it is crucial that every educational environment is kept clean and hygienic to provide students with a healthy start to their journey in life.

Gum gone in 6 seconds

Removing chewing gum presents a significant challenge in many school environments. 6 seconds is all it takes to dissolve gum with the i-gum. Underneath desks, in the gym, on external paving, it is no problem for the completely portable i-gum.


Cleaner seats and surfaces

Microfibre has changed cleaning processes ever since it was introduced. Now the latest in trio split microfibre technology means less chemical usage than ever and equals a healthier, more sustainable environment.


Master Mobility

Classrooms are often obstructed areas and present mobility challenges for cleaning when tied to a cord. Machines like the i-mop with extreme manoeuvrability and battery powered flexibility are required to achieve optimum productivity. With multiple Twister pad and brush options, achieving the best results when cleaning different surfaces is now a reality.

master mobility

Improving School Cleaning

i-team offers a unique and revolutionary range of leading cleaning technologies to help you clean every part of your school campus. Do away with mop and bucket cleaning of hard floors with your choice of the i-mop. Vacuum carpets with our electric or battery powered vacuum range. Deal with difficult grout lines and tough to reach places in the bathroom with the versatile cleaning power of the i-scrub 21b. Save bucketloads of time and money in cross-campus travel costs with the i-land, your all-in-one mobile cleaners room.

Our 4D 4 Dimensional approach to cleaning ensures that no area of cleaning is left out, including the areas that may not have been thought of yet.

4 dimensions

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