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Meet The Revolutionary i-mop Range

A mix between an auto scrubber and a flat mop, the i-mop delivers nearly double the cleaning power of conventional scrubbers.

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Why do professionals choose the i-mop?

In short, we simplify and improve cleaning effectiveness. The i-mop revolutionizes the cleaning processes in the following five ways:


90% Cleaner floors compared to mopping


Helps to reduce slips and falls by leaving floors dry in seconds


Use 75% less water & chemicals compared to traditional scrubber dryers


Continual innovation improves client, customer and cleaner satisfaction


Clean up to 60% faster than conventional mopping

Comparing the i-mop Floor Scrubbers with Other Brands

In a recent study, we tested the i-mop against other similar floor scrubber machines. We divided a tile floor into 15m² sections, filled each machine with 2L of water, and cleaned until the water was exhausted. We then used a gloss meter to measure the cleaning results. The data below was captured during the experiment.

Practical performance700 - 1000 m² per hour1000 - 1300 m² per hour1000 - 1300 m² per hour1000 - 1300 m² per hour2100 m² per hour
Brush speed500 RPM350 RPM145-175-220 RPM140 RPM350 RPM
Brush pressure13 kg22,5kg30 kg15,9 kg25 kg
Cleaning power (RPM x Brush pressure)65007875660022268750
Operation width37 cm46 cm41 cm44 cm50 cm
Size (l x w x h)34 x 43 x 120 cm47.5 x 44 x 120 cm51 x 41 x 121cm45 x 52 x 120 cm60 x 58 x118 cm
Weight without batteries & water11.5 kg18.5 kg25 kg21.3 kg35 kg (with battery and water)
Clean water tank3 L4 L3 L2.2 L5/7 L
Recovery tank4 L6 L5 L3 L5 L
Runtime45 minutes140 minutes90 minutes80 minutes90 minutes
Noise level56 dB65 dB65 dB61 dB65 dB
Cleanliness based on floor gloss meter (the higher the better)7 GU7.5 GU4.5 GU6 GU5.5 GU
Experiment: results by using 2 L of water in tank
Area cleaned90m²105m²105m²45m²105m²
Time taken to clean10 min7.5 min15 min7.5 min8.75 min

Comparing the i-mop XL and Numatic 244NX

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One floor scrubber for all hard floor types

The i-mop excels at hard floor cleaning, delivering superior results with its innovative technology and efficient design. Customize your cleaning experience by choosing from a range of different pads and brushes tailored to suit various hard floor types

Engineered with the Operator in Mind

No more slippery floors
Light and Portable

The i-mop range offers convenient mobility with the i-mop Lite weighing only 11.5kg, i-mop XL at 18.5kg, and i-mop XXL at 21kg (without batteries). This lightweight design enables effortless movement between tasks. The exceptional maneuverability allows cleaners to easily navigate and clean under objects, akin to using a mop but with vastly superior results.

A better and faster clean
Operator Focused Design

Not only is the i-mop incredibly user-friendly, but it also significantly reduces operator strain. When the drive support is engaged, it lightens the load on the handles by up to 2.75kg, making operation more comfortable.

Made Blue ESG
Supports ESG Initiatives

Not only does the i-mop deliver thorough cleaning, but it also supports ESG goals by conserving water and using eco-friendly cleaning detergents. Each i-mop we sell contributes 18 liters of clean water daily to the Made Blue foundation, aiding water infrastructure development in underprivileged countries.

You could be saving up to $6,094 per year.

Backed by the confidence of our clients

Want to see the i-mop in action? Watch this video to find out what to expect

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Purchasing Options

When it comes to investing in an i-mop, we understand the importance of offering flexible solutions. That's why we offer a range of purchasing options, including outright purchase, financing, or rental. Speak to us to find the best solution for your needs.

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Get ready to be inspired by the story of the i-mop - an innovative floor scrubber that has revolutionized the commercial cleaning industry! This incredible machine was developed by i-team Global, a company based in The Netherlands, and has quickly become one of the most effective and eco-friendly cleaning tools available today.

i-mop: The Original Floor Scrubber

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