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i-scrub 26H

Microfibre surface cleaning tool

Starting from: $113

  • fasterSuperior absorbent material cleans 50% faster than competing microfiber systems
  • cleanerReduce germs by up to 99% with unique trio-split technology
  • saferColor coding minimizes cross-contamination risks
  • greenerPre-treatment system saves water, chemicals and time
  • betterIntegrated UV light reveals hidden stains and bacteria

What is the i-scrub 26H?

The i-scrub 26H microfibre tool is used with our premium i-fibre pads with mesh backing and unique Trio-Split fibre technology to remove and trap dirt.

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Up to 50% faster than other microfibre systems

Clean surfaces with absolute confidence that the dirt is gone with the i-scrub 26H. With its integrated UV light, you can optimise commercial cleaning routines by quickly detecting anywhere cleaning processes leave bacteria on surfaces.

The quality microfibre cleaning systems allow you to significantly lessen the chemicals required for cleaning. When i-fibre is used with the pre-treatment system, chemical and water usage can be reduced by as much as 60%.

What our customers say

Even cleaning pressure in your hands

Card benefits
Trio-split microfibre cloth

The unique trio split fabric of i-fibre reduces germs by up to 99%. Mesh backing ensures even cleaning solution distribution throughout the pad, and ultra-absorbent textile technology grabs dirt fast.

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Soft-edge technology

With the soft edge technology on the i-scrub 26h, you can dust and clean rounded areas such as sinks and cornices with even surface pressure, ensuring maximum dirt removal and superior operator ergonomics.

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Integrated UV light

i-scrub 26H is designed with an integrated UV light to detect residual stains which cannot be seen under normal lighting conditions.

Specifications and Downloads
Technical Specifications

Battery On-Board

3.8V 2.2Ah rechargeable

Charger Type



260 x 100 x 90mm

Material Machine

ABS797 + PVC







Radiant Flux


View Angle


Peak Wavelength


Included Accessories
i-scrub 26H Microfibre Cleaning Tool with UV Light

Integrated UV Light

Expose stains and residual bacteria invisible to the naked eye

Customisable Add Ons
i-team's i-scrub 26H microfibre cloth on a cart

Microfibre Pads

Fully colour coded with triple the dirt removal capacity of traditional microfibre

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