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Clean all floor types with the i-scrub.

Scrubbing no longer feels like a chore with the i-scrub range from i-team.

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Why do pro cleaners love the i-scrub range?

In this video, you’ll get a clear picture of what 1,650 cleaning passes per minute actually looks like to get an idea of how you can transform your carpets, tiles, stairs and rough surfaces in a short period of time.

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i-scrub benefits

Scrubbing no longer feels like a chore with the i-scrub range.

i-scrub 21B
Dual brush head

With a powerful motor delivering 400 RPM through two discs, the i-scrub 21B uses counter-rotation so you can apply downward pressure without losing control of the unit.

Removable solution tank

The solution tank is easily removed with the release of one clip. This makes it easy to refill and clean from a standard basin or sink - no need to return to a dedicated filling station or external tap outlet.

360° swivel head

Scrub the steps and the risers. Get into the corners at just the right angle. Go up, down, over and behind with the flexibility of perhaps the greatest swivel-head ever.

Card benefits
Integrated UV light

i-scrub 26H is designed with an integrated UV light to detect residual stains which cannot be seen under normal lighting conditions.

What does REAL clean look like?

For that in-between where manual floor scrubbing takes too long and larger machines are too big, the i-scrub range is the perfect industrial cleaning solution.

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Battery powered micro-scrubber

With its telescopic pole and 360° adjustable head, the i-scrub 21B scrubber can easily reach almost any area to clean it.

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Powerful orbital scrubber

Scrubbing no longer feels like a chore. Advanced orbital technology generates 1650 RPM of cleaning power, which is 8-times higher than traditional single disc machines.

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Microfibre surface cleaning tool

The handheld microfibre tool designed for serious commercial use, giving extended pad life and lowering TCO.

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