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The smarter ride-on floor scrubber

  • fasterOnboard i-mop lite lets you clean small spaces on the move
  • cleanerClass-leading cleaning combo for both large and small spaces
  • saferOptimised operator ergonomics and comfort
  • greenerHigh mechanical power reduces water and chemical usage
  • better24/7 cleaning mazimises machine productivity potential

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What is the i-drive?

i-drive ride-on floor scrubber is simply a better, smarter choice to improve cleaning routine efficiency for the modern cleaning operative. With its ergonomic design and easy-to-understand interface, getting up and running (or driving) is a breeze.

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The i-drive ride-on floor scrubber presents a revolutionary solution for effectively cleaning larger areas.

The i-drive incorporates the i-mop lite small space scrubber on the back. Imagine cleaning the school gym floors with your i-drive ride-on auto scrubber, then jumping off to clean the bathroom floors with the onboard i-mop floor scrubber. Now that’s smart.

The high mechanical power of the i-drive ride-on auto scrubber and i-mop lite walk-behind scrubber reduces the water and chemicals required for an unparalleled cleaning process. Here are a few industry examples of the i-drive in action.

i-drive ride on floor scrubber from i-team
Cleaning with i-drive floor scrubbers
i-drive ride-on floor scrubber
Man with i-drive ride-on floor scrubber
Man with i-drive ride-on floor scrubber
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Built For Efficiency

i-drive solution reservoir
On-board solution top-ups

Fill up your i-mop lite from the onboard solution reservoir with the integrated fill hose, controlled by a push-button on the back of the i-drive to activate the solution pump.

Go big or clean small areas

The i-mop lite floor scrubber on the i-drive ride-on scrubber allows you to clean small floor areas in bathrooms, crib rooms and lobbies with the same cleaning power as the ride-on scrubber. The i-drive floor scrubbing machine eliminates compromises in cleaning standards.

Card benefits
Designed for the operator

i-drive auto scrubber is designed for optimum safety and operator ergonomics, with adjustable foot pedals and extremely good visibility of the operating area and equipment path. Built-in running lights illuminate the floor area to allow night cleaning and better avoidance of obstructions.

i-link cloud based fleet management logo
Cloud-based fleet management platform

i-link® is the new cloud-based platform for all your tools, machines and compliances. All the i-team PRO machines will have a small module located inside them, already integrated with the i-link cloud. This module will send usage information, battery levels, and even the location of the machines to the platform every day.

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Optional Extras

i-drive batteries
The power to keep going and going and going

With the world-first interchangeable battery system, by adding a second set of batteries, operators can clean for longer with the ride-on i-drive scrubber dryer.

Specifications and Downloads
Technical Specifications

Theoretical Performance

Up to 2745m² per hour

Practical Performance

Up to 1400m² per hour

Pad Pressure


Pad Speed

175 RPM

Typical Operational Weight


Gross Vehicle Weight


Dimensions (l x w)

146cm x 60cm

Driving Speed

5.5 km/h

Solution Tank


Recovery Tank



6 x i-power 14 or 20


80min with i-power 14 & 120min with i-power 20

Charge Time (Super Charger)

90-100min for i-power 14 &120min for i-power 20

Turning Circle Diameter


Included Accessories

i-mop lite

Compact floor scrubber dryer

i-team's i-drive Batteries

6 x batteries

i-power 14 batteries

i-power super battery charger

3 x chargers

i-charge 9 Supercharger

i-team's i-stack wall charger 6 240V-UK

3 x wall chargers

i-stack wall charger

i-link cloud based fleet management logo


Free 36 months subscription on all Pro machines

Customisable Add Ons
i-drive Rotary cleaning brushes


Different brushes for different floor types

i-drive pad drives

Pad drives

For use with 30cm cleaning pads

i-drive Frequently asked questions

What is the i-drive and how does it work?

The i-drive is a leading, world class ride on floor scrubber designed for both large and small spaces. It has an ergonomic design and user-friendly interface that makes it easy to operate and also includes an i-mop Lite scrubber on the back, allowing seamless transitions between cleaning larger areas and tackling detailed spaces.

It has a 80 min run time (or 24/7 if using dual batteries), a cleaning width of 61 cm and can cover up to 2745 m² per hour. You can download the full list of specifications here or watch a video on the i-drive below.

What is the life of the batteries?

On average, the i-drive's battery packs are rated with a lifespan of 1,500 charge cycles, however, this can be higher or lower depending on a number of factors that influence the health of the cells inside the lithium-ion pack.

There are a few things you can do to increase the lifespan of your i-drive batteries which includes avoiding drastic temperature changes and recharging the battery after every use

What chemicals should I use?

Your i-drive is compatible with a wide range of cleaning chemical solutions. We do however recommend the following:

  • Stick to chemicals between 3-11 on the pH scale
  • Use low-foaming chemicals to avoid sticky residue on your floors
  • Ensure the tank is dosed with the correct chemical-to-water ratio
  • Check with the floor manufacturer’s guidelines for specific cleaning advice 
  • Do not use solvents
What does the warranty cover?

The warranty period is 24 months. Register your warranty here.

The i-drive should only be operated with the materials and products supplied. Using alternative products may cause damage to the i-drive and may cause a risk to the operator. The use of alternative supplies voids the manufacturer's warranty.

What floors can I use the i-drive on?

The i-drive is effective at cleaning a wide range of floor surfaces, including:

  • Vinyl & Lino
  • Tiles
  • Slates
  • Terracotta tiles
  • Smooth concrete
  • Marble
  • Cork
  • Granite
  • Travertine
  • Ceramic and Porcelain tiles
  • Limestone
  • Epoxy non-slip floors
  • Rubber
What maintenance is required?

We recommend regular maintenance of your i-mop XL to keep it in optimal working order. This includes maintenance on a daily and weekly basis. For a proper functioning and a long lifespan of the i-drive, it is important to follow the recommended maintenance intervals mentioned in the user manual and ensure that your i-drive is serviced by a professional.

Maintenance that is not described in the user manual should be performed by your i-drive partner. Maintenance and assembling or disassembling of the i-drive must only be done by a person who:

  • has correctly read and understood the instructions in this manual; 
  • is qualified; 
  • is trained by an experienced operator who has read and understood the instructions in this manual; 
  • is an adult person; 
  • is a supervisor (for specific maintenance tasks).
What are the common wear items?

A well-maintained i-drive will give years of trouble-free use. And fortunately, maintenance is easy. Some parts over time, however, will wear out and require periodic replacement. Common wear items include brushes, pads and squeegee blades.

What are the included accessories that come with the i-drive?

The i-drive comes with an array of accessories to enhance your cleaning experience. For the i-drive, included accessories are:

i-mop lite: for easy cleaning hard to reach areas

3 Chargers: The i-charge 9 Supercharger ensures your device is always ready to use.

6 Batteries: Equipped with i-power 14 batteries for long-lasting power.

3 Wall Chargers: The i-stack wall charger offers a convenient charging solution.

i-link Subscription: Enjoy a free 36-month subscription on all Pro machines, providing additional management and efficiency tools.

Customizable Add-Ons: We offer various brushes suited for different floor types. Pad drives are also available. 

What are some of the additional features of the i-drive?

The i-drive is powered by 6 interchangeable lithium-ion batteries, enabling continuous operation 24/7. It features a convenient ramp for the effortless removal of the i-mop lite. For added convenience, there's a small personal locker for securely storing personal items, and a hose is provided for easily refilling the i-mop lite tank. Additionally, the i-drive can reach a top speed of 5.5 km per hour, enhancing efficiency and mobility.

Watch the video below on some of the i-drives top features and accessories for more information!


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