How Long Does a Microfibre Cloth Last?

With hundreds of different types of microfibre cloths out on the market, it’s impossible to say exactly how long a microfibre cloth will last.

The lifespan of a microfibre cloth depends on a variety of factors, namely the quality of the fibres and the way they are made, and how well they’re treated during their lifespan.

What Reduces the Lifespan of a Microfibre Cloth?

1. Quality of the Microfibre and Manufacturing Process

Over the life of a microfibre cloth it will pass over surfaces hundreds of thousands of times and with hundreds of washes, it will eventually wear down the construction of the cloth. This is why the design and quality of a microfibre cleaning cloth is the single biggest determinant of its lifespan.

Within the manufacturing process, the best microfibre cloths are constructed with double-stitching around the edges, which helps to maintain its structural integrity. The same applies for the materials used, with higher-quality fibres used in more expensive cloths.


Some of the cheaper microfibre cloths out on the market typically feature a single-stitched edge, or even no stitches around the edges at all, and are typically constructed from cheaper, lower grade materials. The effective life of low quality microfibre cleaning cloths can be as little as 50 washes.

A high quality microfibre cloth from a reputable manufacturer will often give you an indication of its lifespan, in the form of a numbered wash guarantee when laundered according to instructions. High quality microfibre cloths from leading brands should last up to 300 washes.

Low quality microfibre cloths from budget manufacturers will not offer this guarantee, which is a great way to separate the performers from the pretenders.

2. Microfibre Cloth Care

Another key factor that can reduce the lifespan of a microfibre cloth is your maintenance, cleaning and care processes.

Microfibre cleaning cloths are constructed with a blend of polyester and polyamide, which requires some specific methods while washing between uses.


Our i-fibre microfibre cloths are double-stitched, providing you a 750-wash guarantee.

For some general rules, we’ll look at the laundering guide for the i-fibre, which is applicable to most brands of microfibre cloths. Best practices include:

  • Stick to warm and cold wash temperatures, never exceeding 95C (200F)
  • Do not use any strong alkaline detergent or bleach
  • Only use a small amount of detergent; around two teaspoons maximum
  • Avoid fabric softeners, fragrances and conditioners which can leave residue on the cloth
  • Avoid over-drying the microfibre cloth
  • Be careful while cleaning in a mixed load; the microfibre can absorb lint from other fabrics
  • Tackle any odours with a teaspoon of white vinegar in your wash

The lifespan of a microfibre cloth depends on both the quality of its materials and just how well you’ve taken care of it, so to get the longest possible use from your microfibre cloths, take these care instructions into account.

Sticking to some basic care principles will help extend the lifespan of your microfibre cleaning cloths and ensure you get the maximum bang for your buck.

Meet the Revolutionary i-fibre

While typical microfibre cloths are great for everyday cleaning, the i-fibre system is a game-changer when it comes to reducing germs by up to 99% thanks to its trio-split technology.


The i-scrub 26H has an integrated UV light that exposes stains and residual bacteria, invisible to the naked eye.

The i-fibre cleans up to 50% faster than a regular microfibre cloths, while the soft-edge design of our i-scrub 26H and EWALL tools allow you to clean round edges, which is useful in and around bathrooms and ceilings.

Better still, the 750-wash guarantee ensures a long lifespan for your cleaning activities.

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