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Innovative microfibre system

Starting from: $4.29

  • fasterSuperior absorbent material cleans 50% faster than competing microfiber systems
  • cleanerReduce germs by up to 99% with unique trio-split technology
  • saferColor coding reduces the risk of cross-contamination
  • greenerPre-treatment system saves water, chemicals and time
  • better700 wash cycles for extended product life and reduced ownership costs

What is i-fibre?

A niche product when released almost 30 years ago, microfibre cleaning has since become cleaning best practise. Using fewer chemicals and less water makes good business sense. Our Trio-Split technology helps grab maximum dust particles, preventing them from becoming airborne and affecting indoor air quality (IAQ).

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Reduce cross-contamination from cleaning with the i-fibre microfibre range

We’ve taken commercial microfibre cleaning to the next level with an all-in-one cleaning system simply called: i-fibre. HACCP colour-coded microfibre cloths are available to suit infectious areas, bathrooms and toilets, kitchen areas and general cleaning.

When i-fibre is used with the pre-treatment system, chemical and water usage can be reduced by as much as 60%.

i-fibre mopping is dramatically easier on operators and safer than regular mopping systems, reducing work-related injury issues in the commercial cleaning industry. The ergonomic, lightweight yet sturdy tools reduce fatigue and help keep cleaning standards consistent throughout the shift. Here are a few examples of the i-fibre in action.

i-team's i-fibre UV Light
UV Light
i-team's i-fibre Flexible Dusting Wand
Flexible Dusting Wand
i-team's i-fibre Green Pads for Kitchens
Green Pads for Kitchens
i-team's i-fibre Red Pads for Bathrooms
Red Pads for Bathrooms
i-team's i-fibre Microfibre Cloths
Microfibre Cloths

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What is included in the i-fibre range?

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40cm Floor Cleaning System

ePOCKET Mop Frame

With a quick-release system in the frame of the mop, it offers a complete hands-free, lightweight and ergonomic cleaning operation.

eWAVE Pads

These pads are double-stitched giving you a guaranteed minimum of 700 washes. The mesh backing helps for quick pre-treatment saturation time and the unique trio-split technology reduces germs by up to 99%

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30cm Surface Cleaning System

i-scrub 26H

Replace hand cloths with the i-scrub 26H microfibre hand tool. The soft-edge technology contours to curved surfaces such as coving, baths & showers.


The eWALL has a 360° swivel plate that converts into a wall and baseboard cleaner and it is used with the eHANDLE.

eWAVE pads

These pads are double-stitched giving you a guaranteed minimum of 700 washes. The mesh backing helps for quick pre-treatment saturation time and the unique trio-split technology reduces germs by up to 99%.

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Pre-Treatment System

Use either the 13 or 20L charge bucket as part of your pre-treatment solution. It is designed for use with the i-fibre cloths, 30cm and 40cm eWAVE pads.

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Multi-purpose Aluminum telescopic handles that can be used with the ePOCKET mopping system as well as the eWALL.

Colored eHANDLE grips

Optional set of 4 colored grips for colour coding applications.

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Microfibre cloths

Consisting of trio-split microfibre technology, it retains three-times the dirt. It's also double-stitched ensuring the cloth keep its shape.

eDOUBLE cloths

This 2-in-1 microfibre cloth has a glass cloth on the one side and a standard cloth on the other.

Glass cloth

The highly absorbent microfibre cloth leaves glass clean and without streak marks.

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Flexible dusting wand

The flexible microfibre dusting wand reach into those forgotten and hard-to-reach places and is compatible with the eHANDLE for hight reach dusting.


Use the MSLEEVE with low pile cover for low moisture, light dusting and cleaning.


Use the MWAVE with shaggy dusting cover for high volume dry dusting.

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i-fibre Frequently asked questions

What is the recommended pre-soaking guide?

pre-soaking method
What is the correct laundering procedure?

Laundering guide
How long does i-fibre last?

Our i-fibre microfibre cloths are double-stitched, providing you a 750-wash guarantee. To get the longest possible use from your microfibre cloths, take these care instructions into account:

  • Stick to warm and cold wash temperatures, never exceeding 95C (200F)
  • Do not use any strong alkaline detergent or bleach
  • Only use a small amount of detergent; around two teaspoons maximum
  • Avoid fabric softeners, fragrances and conditioners which can leave residue on the cloth
  • Avoid over-drying the microfibre cloth
  • Be careful while cleaning in a mixed load; the microfibre can absorb lint from other fabrics
  • Tackle any odours with a teaspoon of white vinegar in your wash
Are i-fibre cloths anti-bacterial?

Whilst the i-fibre is not antibacterial, it gains it’s huge cleaning power by a patented trio split technology. With the integrated dirt channels, it can even save the dust mopping as small particles will be captured in there. The i-fibre reduces germs by up to 99%, and the choice of colour-coded tools for use on different surface areas helps ensure operators have the right tool for the infection prevention task on hand.

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