What are the Benefits of Commercial Air Purifiers in Our Schools?

Few people in the world would argue with the notion that our children are the future, which is why it is essential that we give them the best building blocks for their growing brains. This consists of the bedrock of a healthy diet, lots of exercise, a variety of teaching styles, and as science has recently illuminated, clean, purified air provided by a commercial air purifier to help with the learning process. Today, we’re going to be unpacking the benefits of utilising commercial air purifiers in the context of our schools to help give our kids a boost of productivity, while simultaneously increasing their health and wellness while they’re in the classroom. Along the way, you might be surprised to find out just how important air purification is, both in the context of the offices that we work, and the schools that we send our children.

Does Air Purification Increase Productivity?

There has been a growing body of evidence linking clean, purified air provided by commercial air purifiers with HEPA filters with increases in our cognitive function and our overall productivity. In the context of office spaces around the globe, investments made in air purification systems have resulted in significant increases in productivity from employees, which extends to our schools, too. This means that when our school children, as well as the teachers guiding their learning path, have access to the most important building blocks of their education, investments in air purification can have a massive impact on learning outcomes and the productivity of their teachers.


Specifically, the notion of whether or not air purification can increase productivity levels was explored in a study by Harvard & Syracuse Universities, who found that employees operating in an office space fitted with an air purifier increased their cognitive function by 61% compared to the control group. This is likely due to the fact that the quality of air inside our offices and schools can be 2-5 times worse (https://www.epa.gov/indoor-air-quality-iaq/volatile-organic-compounds-impact-indoor-air-quality) than the air quality outside, which illustrates the importance of deploying commercial air purifiers in our schools to increase the cognitive functions of our school pupils. This was strengthened by another study from Harvard, which found that workers operating in clean, purified air often increase their productivity rates by up to 8% when compared to office spaces without access to a commercial air purification system.

What are the Benefits of Air Purification in Schools?

The immediate benefits of installing commercial air purifiers to optimise the quality of the air inside schools can be best represented by increased productivity for our kids, optimised cognitive function and the potential for significantly increasing attendance rates. The latter stems from the ability of commercial air purifiers to eliminate certain volatile organic compounds (VOCs), bacteria and even viruses from the air that our kids are breathing while in the classroom.

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In the context of our commercial office spaces, studies have found that investments of $40 per person often translate to an increased productivity level of $6,500 per year. Studies have estimated that the cost of poor indoor air quality cost the U.S. economy up to $168 billion each year. When you consider the fact that poor air quality in both classrooms and office spaces are effectively the same issue, the cognitive benefits offered by air purification are an important consideration not to be ignored in the context of our schools. It seems only reasonable that the economic benefits of clean, purified air have the potential for immense benefits across our primary schools, high schools, and universities. As pointed out in recent studies, the increase in cognitive function provided by commercial air purifiers has real-world monetary benefits in office spaces. When you consider the importance of education for our children, the dividends of investments in air purification become clear for those that recognise the importance of it.

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How to Increase Productivity in Schools with Air Purification

Research has, in recent years, shown a clear correlation between clean, purified air and increases in cognitive function and productivity. While these studies have focussed on the context of office spaces, it seems only reasonable to assume this extends to our classrooms. For these reasons, a simple and cost-effective investment in a commercial air purifier can offer immense benefits for both children attending the classroom, and the teacher guiding them on their learning path. Opting for a commercial air purifier that featuring HEPA 14 filtration is one of the best ways to clean the air in classrooms while removing VOCs that can make children and teachers sick in the classroom. The best air purifiers on the market not only offer high-level of filtration from particulate matter and VOCs, they can also actively capture and kill germs with UV light, making our classrooms significantly healthier.

With the help of indoor air quality monitoring and a leading commercial air purifier, you can provide your school students with access to the cleanest possible air quality, which gives them a head-start on their learning and provides the best possible environment for educational outcomes. For more information on our innovative product that can massively improve the indoor air quality in your school, as well as innovative technologies that actively monitor particulate matter in the classroom, click here to view the i-air commercial air purifier.