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Air Quality Meter

Starting from: $945

  • fasterInstantly measure temperature, humidity, and indoor air-quality
  • cleanerMonitor indoor air quality to make necessary adjustments
  • saferCombine with the i-air to improve whole-of-building health
  • greenerRechargeable battery pack instead of disposable batteries
  • betterHealthy indoor environments directly impact occupants' well-being

What is the i-sense?

Available in Plus and Pro models, the i-sense is an innovative Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) monitoring device that senses compounds that may harm health or trigger allergy and asthma sufferers.

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Improve Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) to improve whole-of-building health.

Studies have shown that indoor air quality is often 5-10 times worse than the quality of air outside — and we spend up to 90% of our time indoors. Where we work, cook, clean, shower, and sleep are all potential points of entry for contaminants and volatile compounds, and in today’s world, the spread of COVID-19.

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Why AN Air Quality Meter

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Monitor VOC, PM 2.5, CO2 and humidity

Improving the quality of the air you breathe for extended periods of time offers immense benefits. Poor indoor air quality can result in allergic reactions, asthma attacks and airborne virus transmission. Thanks to i-sense, you know when to take steps to improve indoor quality.

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Immediate, ongoing air quality results

Air quality measurements are indicated on the i-sense's digital display, which prompts you into action with colour-changing icons based on the air quality around you. When alerted that air quality levels are dropping, you can take action to improve the situation through ventilation or filtration.

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Make the invisible seen for health and comfort

With the i-sense's smart air quality meter, you gain a clear and instant picture of your environment’s temperature, humidity and, of course, the indoor air quality around you. The i-sense has been fitted with user-friendly colour-coded icons to inform users when it is time to clean the air.

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Eco-friendly air monitoring

The i-sense uses a rechargeable battery pack rather than single-use batteries. Most of the components for the i-sense can be easily repaired in case of a fault or damage, resulting in a longer lifespan and fewer products destined for landfill.

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Cloud-based fleet management platform

i-link® is the new cloud-based platform for all your tools, machines and compliances. All the i-team PRO machines will have a small module located inside them, already integrated with the i-link cloud. This module will send usage information, battery levels, and even the location of the machines to the platform every day.

Find the right i-sense model for you

i-mop plus

i-sense Plus

i-mop pro

i-sense Pro

LCD Touchscreen
LED Indicator Lighting
VOC Measurement
PM2.5 Measurement
CO₂ Measurement
Historical graphs (5 days)
Wall power
Battery Power
Analog Clock
i-link built-in
24/7 room monitoring
Location Services
Custom Alerts
Specifications and Downloads
Technical Specifications


145x130x145 mm



VOC measurement range / accuracy (ppb)

0-1000 +- 75

PM measurement range / accuracy (ppm)

400-500 +- 100

CO2 measurement range / accuracy (ug/m3)

0-600 +- 10%

Temperature measurement range / accuracy (°C)

-45 - 125 +- 5

Humidity measurement range / accuracy (%)

10-100 +- 1

Included Accessories
i-power, charger, and cable for i-sense

Battery, Charger & Cable

1 x i-power 8.7 battery, 1 x single charger & USB cable with a world plug

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Free 36 months subscription on all Pro machines

i-sense Frequently asked questions

How many i-air PRO devices do I need?

This depends on the size of the space you want to clean. One i-air PRO can clean up to 550 to 600 m3per hour with the high speed function, and up to 400m3 per hour with the standard speed function.

What’s the best spot in the room to place the i-sense?

You can place the i-sense on several places. Be aware it’s placed away from the i-air because it will help you along researching the air quality. Take a place on the wall or a surface and leave it for a couple of days

Do I need to calibrate the i-sense?

No you don’t need to, but we advise to use it for a couple of days/weeks to measure the air and monitor it on the longterm. Use the smaller air meter for direct measurements.

Can I connect i-sense to i-link?

Yes, the i-sense pro is connected to i-link

What info will I get with i-link?

You can watch the general IAQ, or see battery status and place where it is stored. Besides that you are able to generate daily,weekly,monthly and yearly reports on the indoor air quality.

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