What Chemicals Can I Use With an i-mop?

The i-mop is one of the leading floor scrubbers on the market, and can transform stained floors into showroom fresh condition, so long as you’re using the right chemical mix.

While it may sound incredibly simple, it’s important to know which chemicals work best for cleaning certain floors and lifting specific stains, as well as what to avoid damaging your floors or the i-mop itself. So, what chemicals you can use with your i-mop, which work best for specific tasks, and what do you need to know in advance to avoid damaging your i-mop or floors?

Let’s talk about it.

What are the Different Types of Cleaning Chemicals You Can Use With an i-mop?

The i-mop has been designed to work with a wide range of cleaning solutions, meaning you can tackle a number of cleaning tasks that require both acid and alkaline-based cleaning agents, as well as neutral cleaners for more sensitive tasks.

Different types of cleaning solutions work best for specific stains that you’re cleaning to clean, as well as the floor surface that you’re using your i-mop on. Our guidelines for using your i-mop with a range of chemicals is to stick within a pH level of between 3-11, ensuring you’re not using an overly acidic or alkaline solution that can deteriorate both your floors and the internal components of the i-mop.


We also recommend that you avoid using solvents altogether, stick with a low-foaming chemical agent, and ensure you check the ideal chemical-to-water ratio of the solution that you’re using for that specific cleaning task.

If you’re looking for more information on using your i-mop on a variety of surfaces, including vinyl, ceramic, concrete, slate, terracotta, granite, terrazzo and cork floors, you can read our complete guide to cleaning a wide range of floors with an i-mop here.

Acid-Based Cleaning Solutions

Acidic cleaning solutions are a great way to lift things like soap scum, rust stains, calcium, limescale and organic soils from your floor surfaces. Acid-based cleaning solutions remain one of the best methods of cleaning bathrooms, where they can tackle inorganic deposits on tiles and vinyl floors.

These typically come in the form of citric and acetic acids, which are relatively weak and reduce the chance of damaging surfaces that are vulnerable to deteriorating from an acidic cleaning chemical.

It’s essential that you do not use an acidic solution below 3 on the pH scale with your i-mop. This is to maintain the longevity of the floor scrubber, and to ensure the internal components are not eroded by strong chemicals.

Neutral Cleaning Solutions

Using a pH-neutral cleaning agent is the safest way to clean surfaces in your home, reducing the chance of damaging any surfaces that can be damaged by an overly acidic or alkaline solution, such as natural stone and untreated wood.

Alkaline-Based Cleaning Solutions

Alkaline cleaning solutions are one of the most effective ways to break down the oil-based organic stains you’ll commonly find in kitchens and dining rooms in your home and office.

Alkaline cleaners tackle the organic components that make up oily and fatty stains, breaking them down to the point that they can be lifted from the surface with ease.

What You Need to Know About Cleaning Solutions and Your i-mop

  • Do not use solvents
  • Stick to chemicals between 3-11 on the pH scale
  • Use low-foaming chemicals to avoid sticky residue on your floors
  • Ensure the tank is dosed with the correct chemical-to-water ratio
  • Check with the floor manufacturer’s guidelines for specific cleaning advice

Enter the i-dose

One of the best ways to streamline the cleaning process with your i-mop with the help of our plant-based i-dose cleaning pod system.

The i-dose cleaning pods contain an eco-friendly, biodegradable cleaning solution that is dosed perfect for the i-mop's solution tank. This eliminates the chance of leaving the floor sticky with a chemical residue, which causes the floor to become dirty again in a short period of time.

You have the choice of our daily floor cleaner, washroom floor cleaner and the degreasing floor cleaner, providing you with a wide range of options for cleaning in your home or workplace that tackle specific stains, oils and dirt.

  • Our E52 daily floor cleaner contains a mild cleaning solution that removes the most common types of dirt and soils that you’ll find on floor surfaces.


  • The E33 washroom floor cleaner contains a safe, mildly-acidic cleaning solution that is designed to remove organic soils, soap scum, limescale and calcium that you’ll commonly find in washroom and toilet floors.


  • Our E73 i-dose pod contains a degreasing solution that is effective on a range of hard floor surfaces. It is particularly useful for cleaning oil-based stains in kitchen floors, as well as petroleum-based greases in industrial, automotive and even retail environments.


The i-dose tank can carry up to 10 cleaning pods, giving you the freedom and flexibility to keep cleaning on the move, without having to stop and walk back to the cleaner’s equipment room.

With a one-time investment in your i-dose system, you can improve your cleaning results, and the time spent cleaning, while reducing the environmental impact of your activities.

To learn more about the i-dose, click here.