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Compact orbital floor machine

  • fasterClean, polish & restore any floor type
  • cleanerDual-Action Orbital Technology creates the WOW factor
  • saferEasily upgrade with new features on the modular platform
  • greenerUse less water & chemicals with the low moisture spray system
  • betterBuilt with the highest quality craftmanship & materials

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What is the ORBOT SLiM?

The ORBOT SLiM is a compact floor cleaning machine specifically designed for small spaces, effortlessly fitting under furniture. Despite its lightweight construction, it maintains durability and offers robust agitation, resulting in exceptional deep cleaning performance. Its primary goal is to provide efficient and effective cleaning for everyday use in residential settings.

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Create the WOW Factor on Any Floor

These restoration demo photos speak for themselves. From vinyl and wood to stone, carpet, concrete, and tiles, the ORBOT machines can clean them all. Here are a few examples of what to expect from an ORBOT machine.

i-team's ORBOT SLiM Carpet - ORBOT machine
i-team's ORBOT SLiM vinyl - ORBOT machine
i-team's ORBOT SLiM wood - ORBOT machine
i-team's ORBOT SLiM stone - ORBOT machine
i-team's ORBOT SLiM concrete - ORBOT machine
i-team's ORBOT SLiM Tile & Grout - ORBOT machine
Tile & Grout

Slender Yet Mighty

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Ultimate versatility with the free-floating 11" base

The free-floating base ensures 100% floor contact, delivering an unparalleled deep cleaning experience.

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Navigate with ease using the highly maneuverable wheel kit

Experience unparalleled accessibility with the ORBOT SLiM, reaching areas where other machines can't. Effortlessly maneuver under fixtures and navigate tight corners, while reducing operator fatigue.

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Illuminate your cleaning path

Enhance your cleaning precision in tight spaces with the added clarity provided by LED lights. Illuminate your cleaning path for thorough and effective cleaning.

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Quick-change tank

Save time and reduce labor by conveniently premixing multiple ready-to-use tanks.

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Experience fast and efficient cleaning without the limitations of power cords, thanks to an impressive run-time of up to 45 minutes.

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Customisable Options

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Unlock the versatility of the ORBOT pad family, suitable for a wide range of flooring types including carpet, concrete, stone, tile, grout, VCT/vinyl, wood, and more.

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ORBOT Brushes

Harness the power of ORBOT's orbital action, complemented by our exclusive brush line, to effectively tackle even the toughest stains on carpets and remove deeply embedded soil from grout lines, cracks, grooves, and crevices.

ORBOT SLiM - a battery-powered machine
Additional Batteries

Ensure continuous cleaning and extend your work sessions by easily swapping out additional batteries.

Specifications and Downloads
Technical Specifications

Base Diameter



36V, 330W DC

Dual RPM Speed

Orbital 3000 RPM + Rotational 120 RPM

Lithium-ion Battery

36V, 216Wh, 6Ah

Run Time

Up to 45min

Charge Time


Noise Level



12.7 + 2.7kg w/tank & battery



Solution Tank Capacity




Included Accessories

Battery & Charger

Enjoy the versatility of a battery-powered machine.

ORBOT SLiM Pad Drive - a Holds floor cleaning pads

Pad Drive

Holds floor cleaning pads on it.

Customisable Add Ons
orbot slim Pads - a pads tailored cleaning tasks


Choose from a diverse range of pads tailored for various cleaning tasks.

orbot slim - a Tile & Grout Pads

Tile & Grout Pads

Effectively scrubs even the most porous tile & grout.

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What is Dual-Action Orbital Technology?

Dual Action Orbital Technology combines the forces of orbital vibration and rotational cleaning. This specialized method creates a heightened level of agitation, which plays a central role in achieving remarkable outcomes across a range of professional tasks, including cleaning, scrubbing, grinding, stripping, and polishing.

Watch this video to learn more.

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Featured Insights Article

ORBOT Slim: Compact Orbital Floor Cleaning Machine for Small Space Cleaning

When it comes to cleaning small spaces effectively, having the right tools can make all the difference. That's where the ORBOT Slim comes into play. ORBOT Slim is a state-of-the-art floor cleaning machine specifically designed to tackle those tight and hard-to-reach areas with ease.

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ORBOT Slim: Compact Orbital Floor Cleaning Machine for Small Space Cleaning