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ORBOT SprayBorg

Premium orbital floor machine

  • fasterClean, polish & restore any floor type
  • cleanerDual-Action Orbital Technology creates the WOW factor
  • saferEasily upgrade with new features on the modular platform
  • greenerUse less water & chemicals with the low moisture spray system
  • betterBuilt with the highest quality craftmanship & materials

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What is the ORBOT SprayBorg?

The ORBOT SprayBorg is a premium multi-surface orbital floor scrubber and restoration machine. It incorporates a patented drive system that generates two independent movements. Thousands of micro circles move at a rapid speed of 1725 RPM, while the entire driver rotates at a steady 80 RPM. This unique combination delivers powerful agitation, effectively shaking loose dirt from floor surfaces. Advanced vibration technology is employed to break the bond between dirt and the floor, ensuring thorough and efficient cleaning.

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Create the WOW Factor on Any Floor

These restoration demo photos speak for themselves. From vinyl and wood to stone, carpet, concrete, and tiles, the ORBOT machines can clean them all. Here are a few examples of what to expect from an ORBOT machine.

i-team's ORBOT machine and Carpet - ORBOT SprayBorg
i-team's ORBOT machine and Vinyl - ORBOT SprayBorg
i-team's ORBOT machine and Wood - ORBOT SprayBorg
i-team's ORBOT machine and Stone - ORBOT SprayBorg
i-team's ORBOT machine and Concrete - ORBOT SprayBorg
i-team's ORBOT machine Tile & Grout - ORBOT SprayBorg
Tile & Grout

Enhance Productivity with the ORBOT SprayBorg

Free floating base
Free-floating 17" base

Achieve an unparalleled level of cleanliness with our state-of-the-art free-floating base. Designed to perfection, it ensures 100% contact with all types of floors, delivering an unmatched deep clean like never before.

Foldable handles
Simplify storage with convenient foldable handles

We recognize the significance of space-saving solutions. That's why we have innovatively designed the ORBOT SprayBorg with foldable handles, allowing for effortless storage even in tight spaces.

solution tank
Efficient quick-change solution tank

When tackling extensive cleaning tasks, saving time and money is essential. Our user-friendly quick-change solution tank allows you to effortlessly continue your cleaning without any interruptions.

spray jets
Adjustable spray jets

Take control of your cleaning process by experiencing the pinpoint accuracy of our adjustable spray jets. With the ability to precisely direct the spray exactly where you need it, you can optimize your cleaning efforts. The low moisture spray not only minimizes water usage but also reduces the need for excessive chemicals and labor.

deep cleaning
Add 18kg weight kit for deep cleaning

Enhance your cleaning power and reach every nook and cranny with the support of our 18kg weight kit. By increasing the head pressure, this kit enables you to achieve an unparalleled deep-down clean that surpasses any other machine.

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Customisable Options

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Unlock the versatility of the ORBOT pad family, suitable for a wide range of flooring types including carpet, concrete, stone, tile, grout, VCT/vinyl, wood, and more.

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ORBOT Brushes

Harness the power of ORBOT's orbital action, complemented by our exclusive brush line, to effectively tackle even the toughest stains on carpets and remove deeply embedded soil from grout lines, cracks, grooves, and crevices.

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Weight Kit

Choose the right amount of weight needed to clean, scrub, strip, polish, sand, hone and maintain any hard floor type.

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Teck Pack

The TechPack is designed to fit your Orbot and/or most machines. Multi-pockets keep tools and materials close at hand.

Specifications and Downloads
Technical Specifications

Base Diameter



1HP, 1400W 100-240V / 50-60Hz, AC

Dual Speed

Orbital 1725 RPM + Rotational 80 RPM

Noise Level




Wheel Diameter


Solution Tank Capacity




Quick-Connect Power Cord


Included Accessories
ORBOT SprayBorg - a Pad Drive Holds floor cleaning pads

Pad Drive

Holds floor cleaning pads on it.

Customisable Add Ons
ORBOT SprayBorg - a Pads cleaning tasks


Choose from a diverse range of pads tailored for various cleaning tasks.

ORBOT SprayBorg brush - a various brushes


Choose between various brushes for tiles & grout, carpet, hard floor or concrete.

ORBOT SprayBorg - a Weight Kit deep cleaning

Weight Kit

Add 18kg weight kit for deep cleaning.

ORBOT SprayBorg - a Teck Pack Multi-pockets from i-team

Teck Pack

The TechPack is designed to fit your Orbot and/or most machines. Multi-pockets keep tools and materials close at hand.

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What is Dual-Action Orbital Technology?

Dual Action Orbital Technology combines the forces of orbital vibration and rotational cleaning. This specialized method creates a heightened level of agitation, which plays a central role in achieving remarkable outcomes across a range of professional tasks, including cleaning, scrubbing, grinding, stripping, and polishing.

Watch this video to learn more.

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Featured Insights Article

ORBOT SprayBorg: The Premium Solution for Cleaning and Restoration

The ORBOT SprayBorg is a state-of-the-art cleaning and restoration machine designed to deliver exceptional results on various surfaces. With its premium features and a range of accessories designed for diverse surfaces, the ORBOT SprayBorg is sure to provide exceptional performance and convenience for users of all levels.

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ORBOT SprayBorg: The Premium Solution for Cleaning and Restoration

Curious about the Orbot SprayBorg? Watch our orbital floor scrubber videos to learn more: