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Revolutionising Aged Care Cleaning

When it comes to cleaning aged care facilities, the stakes are too high to offer anything less than exceptionally clean environments that help to maintain the health and well being of your residents. i-team has worked alongside hundreds of aged care facilities to optimise their cleaning processes, and offers a range of innovative cleaning solutions and revolutionary products to match.

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5 Common Challenges Within Aged Care

We've found that most aged care facilities are looking for solutions to the following problems:

1. Cleaning of textured, non-slip floors X
2. Lack of time and budget for effective cleaning X
3. Strenuous manual handling of bulky equipment X
4. Risk of trip hazards from electric equipment X
5. Managing infection control and preventing cross contamination X

Sound familiar?

Better Solutions For Aged Care Cleaning

We've been in close contact with hundreds of aged care providers and take their feedback directly to our research and development teams to ensure our cleaning products meet the unique challenges of the aged care sector. The result of this close collaboration is a product line-up that enables you to take our 4D approach to cleaning inside your operations, giving your guests access to the most hygienic facilities.

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Clean, Healthy Environments for Happy Residents

We believe that aged care residents deserve access to the latest technologies to help maintain the cleanliness of your facilities, curb the spread of transmissible pathogens and viruses, and improve the user experience and productivity of those working in the industry.

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i-mops are light and very easy to use

A traditional scrubbing machine can be quite abrasive and damage the floor. i-mops are light and very easy to use, which is ideal because we have an older workforce.

Justin Wilshaw

Fixing The Most Common Cleaning Challenges Within The Aged Care Sector

Exploring how the i-team range of products tackles shared challenges within the aged care sector, improves productivity and optimises health outcomes for guests.

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