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As a Building Service Contractor, how do you maintain the edge over your competitors in a highly competitive market? Offering a variety of new innovations to your clients will help position you as a specialist in your field, ensuing you become the trusted advisor that your clients turn to. Your cleaners are at the heart of our product development.

The 4D cleaning philosophy that is integrated into our products offers new and innovative approaches to cleaning. Perhaps it is a concept like our plug and play interchangeable battery system. Maybe the need is for evidence-based hygiene outcomes or measurable labour savings. Or perhaps the opportunity to receive a Made Blue annual certificate showing the litres of water that the i-mops used on their facility have provided. Whatever it is that your client is looking for from you, when you use i-team products you leverage the endless possibilities of a true innovation powerhouse.

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Grow your bottom line

Increase Productivity

Your cleaning business must turn a profit and the largest cost in any cleaning business is labour cost. How do you increase your cleaning productivity without sacrificing results?

Deploying innovative, lightweight, manoeuvrable, cord-free powered cleaning systems speed up your cleaning operations. For example, with the i-mop floors can be cleaned up to 10 times faster than with conventional wet mops.

The revolutionary i-spraywash foam cleaning system enables you to clean large areas up to 48% faster than regular foaming cleaning systems, as well as significant chemical and water usage savings.

Through the Plug and Play concept of interchangeable battery packs, you can recharge one set of batteries while working with another set, thus enabling continuous cleaning operations without recharging downtime.

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Grow your cleaning business

Offer new ways of cleaning

Diversification may be a strategy for you to help grow your cleaning business. The ever-evolving i-team suite of cleaning solutions will allow you to approach cleaning challenges in new ways and open doors that may not have been previously possible.

i-team are constantly evolving and bringing you new ways of doing things, with the data to prove the effectiveness of the solution.

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