Improve Cleaning Standards in Facility Management

Visitors have high expectations of commercial buildings. How do you, as a Facility Manager, ensure your property or portfolio is maintained at A Grade level?

Ensuring that you leverage the power of leading technological advancements in the field of cleaning and hygiene is a crucial part of building maintenance and better Facility Management. Impressions can be formed at so many touchpoints of a visitor's experience in a commercial or retail facility. How clean are the building facades and exteriors? What about the external glass and trafficable surfaces? It might only take a few spots of chewing gum that has not been removed to depreciate a visitor’s impression of the building. Is there adequate matting to absorb water and avoid slips in lobby areas? Are floors maintained at the best level they could be? And how do you ensure the often-overlooked factor of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is taken care of?

Cleaning Solutions for Commercial Facilities

In buildings from Perth to Sydney, Invercargill to Brisbane and anywhere in between, i-team offer multiple solutions for all these and other aspects of cleaning and hygiene in the Facility Management sector. Products like the revolutionary i-gum have helped Facility Managers work with their cleaning contractors or own maintenance staff to get in control of gum issues, while other solutions like the world leading i-air PRO ensure indoor air is purified from viruses and particulate matter. The i-land all-in-one cleaning island with a-la-carte customisable branding has helped global brands present themselves at a standard that was not previously possible, while empowering commercial cleaning staff with all the resources they need available on their mobile workstation.

4D Cleaning

Multiple commercial facilities, one cleaning system

i-team offer a holistic line of cleaning solutions to clean all (4D) dimensions of commercial facilities. It encompasses powered, Plug & Play, hard & soft surface cleaning equipment, manual systems, mobility & support systems, intelligence & data systems and more.

Cleaning Hex

Enhance mobility and brand image

Ensure visitors see advanced cleaning solutions and reduce travel time across large buildings with the i-land XL Pro, which accommodates your mechanical cleaning equipment & hand tools on the same cart. Travel with your i-fiber equipment, i-mops, i-light & i-charger and even your own electronic tablet to every location within the premises. Everything you need to clean corridors, elevators, kitchens, meeting rooms & more.


Would you like more information on the 4D approach to improving the cleaning in your facility?

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