What You Should Look For In An Industrial Floor Mop

When cleaning is your business you need the right tools to get the job done. A quality, industrial floor mop can improve your processes, and leave you with a cleaner surface in a fraction of the time.

When you're in the market for an industrial floor mop, you want it to be fast, durable, ergonomic and sustainable while also delivering great results.

Here's a breakdown of what makes a great floor mop.

Faster cleaning

We know you are busy and cheap mops can make cleaning the floors a time-consuming task. There is hope, because our i-mop cleans 70% faster than a traditional wet mop. That’s 5 minutes vs 55 minutes.

Look for a mop that can get into all those grooves and crevices that would otherwise require you to get down on your hands and knees. A traditional autoscrubber can work for large surfaces, but corners and obstacles can leave you shouting “you missed a spot!”

Want faster cleaning and access to all areas? Say “hello” to the i-mop!

Superior results

If you have ever mopped the floor and noticed there are still streaks and dirty patches, you would have felt the pain of having to do a do-over. It is worth investing in a mop that works the first time.

For those who like your stats, look at it this way. A traditional mop will only grab up to 40% of dirt, while our clever i-mop will pick up 97%. We don’t know about you, but we think that’s a floor you can (almost) eat off of.

Getting spotless floors shouldn’t involve hard labour. With the right industrial floor mop, you can get the “wow” without the “ow”.

Quality and durability

Another top commercial mop feature you should look for is quality and durability. Buying a long lasting product will ensure you have something that stands the test of time, saving you money in the long run.

A durable solution will be able to withstand your cleaning products, and give you reliability and the same high standards for every cleaning job.

When you buy a quality industrial floor map, you will be reducing waste. This is great news for the planet...and your wallet!

Occupational health and safety

Whether you are using the industrial mop yourself, or sharing it within a team, safety should be a priority. Operators and the general public should feel confident that they won’t slip or injure themselves just because you want a clean floor.

The i-mop literally scrubs the floor, giving you a dry surface in seconds. No more falls, no more waiting for a quiet time to clean the area. Just a sparkling surface, without puddles of water.

Water saving features

We understand you can’t clean without water, but some industrial mops are more eco friendly than others. If saving water is a priority, the i-mop is where it’s at!

Using just 9 litres of water per hour, compared to 35 litres per hour for a traditional scrubber and dryer, saving water will be a breeze.

There are 3 options to use from including Lite, XL, and XXL, so you can choose your preferred power source if you are conscious of your energy consumption.

Ergonomic and user friendly

Your industrial mop can actually be fun (or at least comfortable) to use. If you are looking for a new floor mop, find a design that is ergonomic and easy to operate.

For example, is it a convenient height so your team don’t have to bend or subject themselves to unnecessary strain or injuries? A happier workforce will be a more productive one. If you work in a large organisation, efficient, fast cleaning tools can make a significant difference to worker satisfaction.

Ready for a new industrial floor mop?

Is it time for a new and improved industrial floor mop? You have came to the right place. The i-mop really does tick all of the boxes, giving you features you never thought were possible.

Cleaning time is significantly reduced, and floors will be cleaner than ever before. This eliminates excess scrubbing, and leads to a happier workforce. Slip-free surfaces are to be expected, as this mop dries as it cleans. If only everything in life could be so easy!

With an ergonomic design and innovative water saving methods, it makes sense to choose the i-mop.\ \ Learn more about our industrial floor mop machine, or browse our website for a range of other superior cleaning tools. Over time you will save time and money, making this the perfect solution for savvy cleaning crews.