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i-mop XXL

Powerful Industrial floor scrubber dryer

  • fasterClean up to 60% faster than conventional mopping
  • cleaner90% Cleaner floors compared to mopping
  • saferHelps to reduce slips and falls by leaving floors dry in seconds
  • greenerUse 75% less water & chemicals compared to traditional scrubber dryers
  • betterEasy to use

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What is the i-mop XXL?

Our innovative floor scrubber dryer, the i-mop XXL navigates obstacles smoothly, so you can drop manual mopping entirely, making your floors cleaner and lowering your overall cleaning costs. Clean up to 70% faster than traditional mops and 30% faster than comparable auto scrubbers.

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The i-mop XXL powerful & flexible floor scrubber is ideal for larger spaces

The i-mop effortlessly turns 360° on the spot, enabling easy cleaning under furniture, around obstacles, in tight spaces, and up to edges. It's well-suited for larger open spaces, and long aisles. Here are a few industry examples of the i-mop XXL in action.

aged care cleaning
Aged Care
Hospital cleaning
Hospitality cleaning
retail cleaning
Cleaning office buildings
Office Buildings

Better floor cleaning efficiency to reduce labour costs

With all weight sitting on the brushes and a brush speed of 350 RPM, the unique design of the i-mop XXL means that each bristle scrubs more effectively for a deeper clean. Clean water is put down, and dirty water is vacuumed from the floor rather than being left to dry and recontaminate the surface.


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Built For Efficiency

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Faster, deeper floor cleaning

Clean with the power of an auto scrubber and the agility of a mop. A floor area that would take 55 minutes to clean and dry with a mop can be reduced to 5 mins with the i-mop XXL floor scrubber dryer.

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Proven 90% cleaner floors

Proven by objectively quantifiable ATP testing, our industrial floor mop creates surfaces that are 90% cleaner than traditional mopping methods. Read more about ATP testing.

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Reduce slip and fall hazards

Traditional mopping methods just pushes around dirty water, leaving the floor slippery while it dries. The i-mop XXL floor scrubber dryer scrubs the floor clean, then removes all solution so that the floor is dry within seconds, reducing safety risk.

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Extra-wide floor cleaning path

To clean large areas with the same flexibility as the high-performing i-mop XL, we’ve increased the scrub deck width to 62cm and super-sized the tank capacity to allow for longer periods between refilling.

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Designed for reducing costs and a healthier planet

Per square meter, the i-mop XXL uses solution more efficiently than wet-mopping or conventional auto scrubbers. By making every drop of water and solution count, the i-mop XXL reduces environmental impact by over 75% while keeping your costs down.

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Cloud-based fleet management platform

i-link® is the new cloud-based platform for all your tools, machines and compliances. All the i-team PRO machines will have a small module located inside them, already integrated with the i-link cloud. This module will send usage information, battery levels, and even the location of the machines to the platform every day.

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Find the right i-mop XXL model for you

i-mop basic

i-mop xxl Basic

i-mop plus

i-mop xxl Plus

i-mop pro

i-mop xxl Pro

Battery Safety Guard
Control Panel
Splash guards
Floating Ball System
Electronic Angle Switch
Timer Display
Electrophoresis Anti-Corrosion Coating


Drive Support


Parking Support


Stop & Go Parking


i-dose tank (clean)




Lift Kit


Antibacterial Tanks


i-power 20


Detachable Vacuum Motor


Compatible With i-scent


EPA Filter

Customisable Options

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Additional batteries

With two sets of batteries, your i-mop will never need to take a nap. The i-mop XXL runs on easily changed i-power batteries, with an optional second set of batteries allowing it to run 24/7 with a single machine.

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Colour Coded Tanks

Switch solutions fast with additional colour-coded tanks to suit your application - such as antibacterial solutions for bathrooms to chemicals for high-grease kitchen floors.

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Pad & Brush Options

Choose from a wide range of pads and brushes to get the best result on your floor, from soft to aggressive bristles and even brushes for outside floor scrubbing.

You could be saving up to $6,094 per year.

Specifications and Downloads
Technical Specifications


Hard floor types (porcelain tiles, natural stone, timber, vinyl, non-slip floors)

Theoretical Performance

Up to 2300m² ph

Practical Performance

1200-1800m² ph

Brush Speed

350 RPM

Brush Pressure


Scrub Width


Size Machine (l x w x h)

43 x 69 x 124cm

Weight Without Batteries


Clean Water Tank


Recovery Tank



PP, Aluminium alloy

Power Source

i-power 9, 14 or 20 batteries


50-60min with i-power 9, 60-70min with i-power 14 & 130min with i-power 20

Charge Time (Standard Charger)

5-6hours for i-power 9, 7-8hours for i-power 14 & 7-8hours for i-power 20

Charge Time (Super Charger)

60-70min for i-power 9, 90-100min for i-power 14 & 120min for i-power 20

Included Accessories
i-mop XXL power machines from i-team


2 x i-power 9 batteries

i-charge 2 standard c harger from i-team


i-charge 2 standard charger

i-mop light blue soft brush kit from i-team

Soft blue brushes (set 2)

Light duty cleaning for timber and delicate floors

i-link cloud based fleet management logo


Free 36 months subscription on all Pro machines

Customisable Add Ons
i-team's floor scrubber brush


Different brushes for different floor types

i-mop XL green twister pads from i-team


A range of pads for different cleaning requirements

i-team's i-mop xxl Pad Holder Blue

Pad drives

Use with i-mop pads

i-team's Floor scrubber battery charger

Batteries & Chargers

Choose between the i-power 9,14 & 20 batteries and i-charge 2 & 9 chargers

i-team's Compact floor scrubber

Brush lockers

HACCP color coded brush lockers allows for segregation of brushes & tanks for different areas

Steel storage cabinets from i-team

Storage options

Choose between the i-store, i-wall and i-stand

i-team's i-mop XXL squeegee

Sgueegee rubbers

Choose between standard & high performance squeegee rubbers

Rubber skirt splasing guard left + right i-mop XL from i-team

Splash guards

Splash guards for the i-mop XXL

i-team's colour coded tanks

Color-coded water tank caps

HACCP color-coded caps replace the standard clean water tank caps

i-team's i-mop XXL Scrub brackets - Products Accessories

Scrub brackets

Lift kit for squeegee for deep wet scrubbing & stripping

i-team's i-mop XXL Wheels - Products Accessories


Choose between castor and heavy duty stainless steel wheels

i-dose for i-mop XXL Pro from i-team - Products Accessories

i-dose for i-mop XXL Pro

Combine ecologically conscious cleaning detergents with an easy-to-use dose pod design

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i-mop XXL Frequently asked questions

What is the life of the batteries?

On average, the i-mop's battery packs are rated with a lifespan of 1,500 charge cycles. This can be higher or lower depending on a few factors that influence the health of the cells inside the lithium-ion pack.

While batteries have become extremely efficient in recent years, the chemical makeup of lithium-ion batteries is still prone to gradually breaking down over time. As an example, the more you use and charge your battery, the more it will start to lose its ability to hold an electrical charge.

There are a few things you can do to increase the lifespan of your i-mop battery which includes avoiding drastic temperature changes and recharging the battery after every use.

What chemicals should I use?

The i-mop has been designed to work with a wide range of cleaning solutions, meaning you can tackle several cleaning tasks that require both acid and alkaline-based cleaning agents, as well as neutral cleaners for more sensitive tasks. We suggest the following:

  • Stick to chemicals between 3-11 on the pH scale
  • Use low-foaming chemicals to avoid sticky residue on your floors
  • Ensure the tank is dosed with the correct chemical-to-water ratio
  • Check with the floor manufacturer’s guidelines for specific cleaning advice
  • Do not use solvents
  • Rinse through with clean water after using harsh chemicals

One of the best ways to streamline the cleaning process with your i-mop is with the help of our plant-based i-dose cleaning pod system. The i-dose cleaning pods contain an eco-friendly, biodegradable cleaning solution that is dosed perfect for the i-mop's solution tank.

What does the warranty cover?

Commercial Warranty:

The i-mop XXL floor scrubber machine is packaged with a 24-month commercial warranty from the date of purchase. Register your warranty here.

Consumer Warranty:

When you’re buying the i-mop XXL for home-use, it comes with a 5-year warranty on the drive motor, vacuum motor & machine chassis/body. It also has a 3-year warranty on the battery

What floors can I use the i-mop on?

The i-mop XXL is effective at cleaning a wide range of floor surfaces, including:

  • Vinyl & Lino
  • Tiles
  • Slates
  • Terracotta tiles
  • Smooth concrete
  • Marble
  • Cork
  • Granite
  • Travertine
  • Ceramic and Porcelain tiles
  • Limestone
  • Epoxy non-slip floors
  • Rubber
What maintenance is required?

We recommend regular maintenance of your i-mop XXL to keep it in optimal working order. This includes maintenance on a daily and weekly basis.

What are the common wear items?

A well-maintained i-mop will give years of trouble-free use. And fortunately, maintenance is easy. Effective maintenance involves regular cleaning and checking as some parts will wear out and require periodic replacement.

Items that may require regular replacement include brushes, squeegee rubbers, castor wheels and squeegee washers (i-mop XL/XXL version only).

Featured Case Study

The i-mop Makes Cleaning Quick & Efficient For Ozcare Hervey Bay


Ozcare Aged Care Facility is located in the sunny Hervey Bay area of Queensland. Here’s what Louise LeCluse, the Client Services Manager, has to say about implementing i-mops for use within the facility.

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The i-mop Makes Cleaning Quick & Efficient For Ozcare Hervey Bay

Curious about the i-mop XXL? Watch our commercial floor scrubber videos to learn more: