Struggling With Hard Floor Cleaning? Three Tips For An Easy Cleaning Routine

When it comes to cleaning hard floors, there’s an excess of advice out there. Whether it’s using heavy chemicals, vinegar or only water, everybody has a different suggestion.

In addition, your approach will change based on whether you’re cleaning floors in a commercial or domestic setting. At the end of the day, you can be left feeling confused and unsure of how to approach your floor cleaning.

The good news? You don’t need a different piece of equipment for each different type of floor. However, you do need a good mop, effective chemicals, and a sustainable approach.

Find out why below.

1. A good mop

When it comes to mops, we often resort to the typical mop and bucket. There’s a myriad of reasons why this simply doesn’t work. For example, the traditional mop and bucket:

  • Doesn’t clean well. It moves water and most dirt around.
  • Is cumbersome and can cause injuries, especially in commercial cleaning settings.
  • Can leave floors wet and dangerous

There are more options out there nowadays than simply a traditional mop. You can find steamers, floor scrubbers and auto scrubbers. Yet you might always be left with the question: what works best? And why do I need so much different equipment for cleaning?

i-team has a whole suite of cleaning equipment, but when it comes to hard floors, the i-mop is at the core of our cleaning offerings. At face value, the i-mop might just look like your basic auto scrubber, or some kind of glorified domestic grade scrubber. So, what makes it so special?

person operating commercial floor mop i mop at supermarket

It works - and not at the cost of extreme chemical or water usage. The i-mop doesn’t need an excess of chemicals to work. In fact, it can be used with just water.

It’s quick - but not at the expense of cleaning effectiveness. The i-mop cleans up to 70% faster than traditional mopping processes and 30% faster than traditional auto scrubbers. It’s cleaner too; While your average floor mopping methods only remove 30-40% of dirt, the i-mop removes over 97% of dirt.

It will clean essentially any hard floor. Whether your floor is vinyl, marble, terrazzo, concrete, granite, travertine or wood, the i-mop cleans all floors the same, with various brush or pad options to give the best results on a particular floor. This means you don’t need a different piece of cleaning equipment for different parts of your house or commercial building. The only thing you’ll ever need to change are the i-mop’s brushes or pads.\ \ The i-mop isn’t just effective, it’s easy to use. It doesn’t require a whole day of training to operate. You don’t need to take our word for it - you can see it for yourself.

2. Effective chemicals - but not too much

Chemicals can help, but they’re not the be-all-and-end-all of cleaning. You need to make sure you’re choosing the right cleaning chemicals that are good to both your wallet and the environment.

Your cleaning chemicals should be:

  • Safe to use, so it doesn’t harm the health of you or your cleaning staff.
  • Effective, but not at the expense of the environment or your health.
  • Easy to use, with minimal effort required.

i dose sustainable cleaning chemicals

We recognised that there was a need for safe plant-based cleaning chemicals. That’s why we created our own floor cleaners to be used in the i-dose tank on the i-mop xl. You can find three types of floor cleaners in our i-dose collection that all integrate easily with the i-mop. These include:

  • Daily floor cleaner. This will clean any hard floor.
  • Sanitary floor cleaner. This is designed to cut through limescale and scum buildup in bathrooms.
  • Degreasing floor cleaner. This is perfect for kitchen and foodservice environments, as well as industrial workshops. It’s designed to de-grease your floor.

All of our i-dose chemicals are also environmentally-friendly and plant-based. They’re produced in conjunction with leading environmental specialist HYGENIQ in The Netherlands, in a factory run completely on renewable energy.

Book a demo of the i-mop and i-dose here to see it for yourself.

3. A sustainable cleaning routine

More and more, environmentally-friendly cleaning is becoming important.

Cleaning has long been a major consumer of water and chemicals. These chemicals affect not just the environment, but are often also dangerous to the cleaning staff that use them. One report suggested that 1 in 3 chemical cleaning products contain an ingredient that can harm human health and/or the environment.

One of our core focuses at i-team is environmentally-friendly cleaning. Whether that’s less chemicals or better usage of water, all of our commercial and industrial cleaning products are based around this. That’s why we design all of our i-dose products with premium grade plant-based ingredients for entirely green cleaning chemistry.

water droplet

All of our commercial cleaning machines are designed to save on water. Our i-scrub 30 range, for example, reduces water and chemical consumption due to the high agitation of the oscillating brush. And the i-mop cleans with only 9 litres of water per hour, as opposed to a traditional scrubber dryer which uses 35 litres per hour.

Each of our i-mops also contribute 18 litres everyday to the Made Blue foundation.

Whether it’s water, chemicals or time you want to save, the i-team’s suite of commercial cleaning products can deliver excellent results and save you a wealth of money and time.\ \ Looking for an easy and efficient way to clean your hard floors? Book a demo here or get in touch with us here.